Kyle Drabek

June 6, 2006

The Phillies took Kyle Drabek with their first round pick. Beerleaguer has more on the matter.

He lists Drabek as 6-1 while the Baseball America post on ESPN lists him as 5-11. I happen to think that height is an overrated commodity in Baseball. Surely guys like Ryan Anderson have shown that being tall doesn't necessarily make you succesful and people like Roy Oswalt have shown that you can be 6-0 or bellow and be a top pitcher. 

Name recognition alone makes this a good pick. Nobody ever knows who first rounded picks in baseball are. At least this way, casual fans who pick up the paper tomorrow will see that the Phils picked someone they've heard of. The only pick that would have been better is Evan Longoria.  

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  1. […] seem to advance the cause of sabrmetrics. (There is the notable exception of my piece on Kyle Drabek, where I argued that the residue of the signifier was enough to make him a good draft pick. Leider, […]

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