pancakes! corn and cake

June 9, 2006

While pancakes may not be salad, they sure are tasty. This morning Jennifer made cornbread pancakes for me and Josh. Robby scoffed at our non-double meat food. We tried to convince him that Monsanto was now genetically monitoring corn to be made out of turkey, but a trip to google convinced him otherwise. Jen's pancakes were quite good.

Anyway, later in the day, after recovering from a bit of a J.P. Morgan induced vertigo, it was time to eat again. I went with Josh to the store where he was buying supplies for Ethiopian Shiro and Injera (Josh quite frequently decides to make his version of authentic ethnic cuisines without key "native" ingredients. He usually substitutes with splenda or sass). Anyway, while we were out, I considered buying cake mix. I would have, but Robby's apartment doesn't have a working oven. This is because Robby considers all cooking methods that don't involve meat encountering fire too bourgeois. But I digress…

Anyway, while watching part of the NBA finals, I remembered that duncan hynes scientists spend countless hours in the lab devising new and better ways of fucking up cake mix, then revising their recipes thusly, making them completely foolproof and capable of conquering the world! Cake mix is even rumored to spontaneously turn into cake if left on the shelf too long.

So I bought cake mix, and decided to cook it like pancakes. After burning a few and making a few more that resembled omelettes or scrambled eggs, Josh and I managed to make some damn tasty cake-flapjacks. Actually, I made good cake-flapjacks. Josh added seltzer, flour, sugar, chocolate chips (not all of these ingredients in the same batch)–ocassionally deglazing with milk, and managed to make bread pudding. While it wasn't cake it was great. You really can't mess cake mix up.

Best salad of the day.


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