Caught "The Door in the Floor" for the second time tonight. I really like this movie, maybe more this time than the last time. I should hate it; the Mimi Roger's nude scene helped to dispel my fantasies of her (ok, they're still there).

As someone who wants to be a writer (I assure you I write sharper than I blog), the character of Eddie rings true. The scene where Jeff Bridges gives Eddie criticism on his work is perfect. The criticisms are almost certainly apt, and Eddie's angry responses to them are exactly what one would suspect. Probably the best movie I've seen about writing in a long while. The other contenders.

1) Finding Forrester. It's really impossible to dislike this movie. None of the characters make any sense (especially not Mr. Coleridge, his friend/enemy), Van Sant makes some of the weirdest directing decisions I've ever seen (opening the movie with the title cue and the rap, casting Matt Damon as an aent of the man), and yet the movie still works. Anna Paquin is incredibly alluring. The biggest problem is the premise. No one is that good at both writing AND basketball. Maybe writing and badminton, but not basketball. Still, the movie did give us the great novel "Avalon Landing" which my friends and I convinced a girl from my high school was a real book, which she made even worse by her claim that "she's been meaning to read that."

2) The Shining. Possibly the best movie ever written about writer's block. Still, too much of it is about a guy in a bear suit giving another guy a blowjob, and not writing. Besides, the only writing that gets done, is "all work and no play…"

3) Wonder Boys. I could never decide how much I like movie. All of the acting's good, even Katie Holmes. I buy Tobey Maguire in any nerdy role, although I just wish someone would give him a chance at a big budget action movie. The movie's probably better than The Door in the Floor, but I watched that tonight, so that's the best movie ever about writing. Besides, I'd like to believe that there's no one as naturally gifted as Tobey Maguire out there.

4) Unforgiven. Forget Clint and the deconstruction of the Western myth of the Western. Forget Gene Hackman and the baddest lawmaker since High Noon. Even forget English Bob, the baddest Limey in any movie other than the Limey. The movie is really about the writer and the idea of finding a subject, and this writer's better than any other. I only wish he could have gotten a better novel out of all this than White Teeth.

5) 2046. Just because it looks pretty.