Recovery Room and Tangra Masala

June 11, 2006

Quick post. If you find yourself in Mineola, Long Island, be sure to check out the Recovery Room. One of the sketchy pubs that line the area by the Long Island rail road, the Recovery Room is the arch rival of the Double H. Both places are probably of about the same caliber, but the Recovery Room was recently painted. Plus, they carded me, which was a shocker (this is probably because Jen can look like she's 12), so that was pretty cool. What makes them rivals you ask? Well, the places cater to different clientele: the Recovery Room is a commuter joint, while the Double H mostly serves Mineola locals, e.g. militant girls named Milicent, drunken/extra jolly fishermen, and members of the Long Island republican machine (a real Newsday crowd, I say). Plus, the Double H once said something mean about the Recovery Room's mother Iris (whose a bit on the fat side, so the Recovery Room took it personally).

Also, if you're in the market for Asian cuisine, and you can't decide if you want Pan-Asian, Bi-Asian, sexually confused Asian, or Malaysian, be on on the lookout for Tangra Masala, which is Indian-Chinese fusion (not to be confused with French Indochina, which is now Vietnam). Good food, but spicy. Jennifer gave up on eating and decided to just sit there and look pretty for an hour. Be careful though; Tangra's on the mean streets of New Hyde Park, and residents don't take kindly to strangers. Not a place to be after nine.

67 Responses to “Recovery Room and Tangra Masala”

  1. […] Meet Haverstam on the Long Island Rail Road from Mineola’s Recovery Room to New York’s Penn Station where I force him to go with me to the Tick Tock diner on 34th and […]

  2. Joey Spagna Says:

    You dirty mutha! Double H is great except for the Greek ( Buddy Holly lookalike) anyway, leave your number honey and we’ll get wacked at the bar. You can come to my apartment, but not at night. Heather might catch us.

  3. Davey the Greek Says:

    AAY, Joe, fu** you you c**ksucka. I’m getting a f**kin’ cab from the Recovery Room to Double H an’ I’m coming over to kick your f**kin’ a**. Ayyy, tell dat c**ksucka Bobby to start makin’ my drink. Goodbye muddaf**ka. I mean savitch.

  4. Davey the Greek Says:

    Aaay, Joe. Go F**K yourself.

  5. Bobby Says:

    Dave, your drink is waiting, but first you gotta put money on the bar.

  6. John Cunningham Says:

    Anybody call Checker?

  7. Michelle Says:

    You are an idiot. Nice blog tool. Who the fuck is Iris?

  8. Dave the Greek Says:

    Yo Joe, take it easy and put some dead presidents on the fu**in’ bar.

  9. Joey Says:

    Hey there honey, uh, give me a call and if Heather’s workin’ I’ll come down and we’ll go back to my palace for some fun. But you’ll have to leave before 2 AM because that’s when she gets back from work.

  10. Greek Says:

    Yo Joe, if Pinocchio catches you cheating again she’ll cut your balls off. Now put the dead presidents on the bar.

  11. Joey Says:

    Aaay, Greek mind your own fuc*in business. People in Mineola talk too much. I’m goin down there now to find me some ass. Savich.

  12. The Greek Says:

    Aaaay Joe, go fuc* yourself ya coc*sucker. I’m goin to kick your guinea ass.

  13. Joey Says:

    You dirty muthsfuc*in Greek a**lickin jerk off cun*eatin douche bag.

  14. John Cunnigham Says:

    Aaaay, don’t bust my balls. I’m in no mood today for this shit.

  15. Joey Says:

    hey Cunningham, get yer ass ov er here and bring me a vodka, you dirty mutha!

  16. Joey Says:

    hey I said vodka, not beer you dirty asslickin ball scratcher

  17. Cunningham Says:

    Hey Joey6 no more shots for you. I already told you I’m in no mood today. I broke up with Bonnie last night and I drank a bottle of red wine so I have a hangover.

  18. Joey Says:

    fuuuuuck that. gimme a vodka or i’m going to turn this dump into a 3 ring circus. you hear me you coc*suckin ass eater?

  19. Dave the greek Says:

    hey douche bag cunningham. gimme a screw. HEAVY on da booze, light on da jooze.

  20. Stenay Says:

    Hello Davey. Hi John. Hi Joe. Anyone call a cab?

  21. Dave the Greek Says:

    Aaaay Stennnnnay, come back in a fuc*in half hour and bring back mushrooms from da Clip Joint. Then take me home mudda fuc*a. Got it scum bag?

  22. Stenay Says:

    I’m sorry David. I can’t do any grocery shopping, but I can bring you home. For you, $4.

  23. Dave the greek Says:

    Aaaay, Stenay, blow me!

  24. Floyd Says:

    Helloooooooo everybody! Floyd is here. Oooh Joey, I would love to get you alone. oooh. I love italian men. mmm mmmm mmm

  25. Chris the Fag Says:

    Oooh noooo. I have competition. I want all the men in Mineola to myself. oooooh

  26. Joey Says:

    Fuuuuuu*k you. You faggot mutha fuc*ers.

  27. John Cunningham Says:

    Hey, cool your jets down there and don’t bust my balls.

  28. Dave the Greek Says:

    Yo Cunningham! Gimme another screw. Heavy on da booze. Light on da jooze. Ya coc*sucka.

  29. John Cunningham Says:

    Dave, aren’t you goin home in the cab?

  30. Dave the Greek Says:

    Blow me Cunningham. Aaay Stenay go fuc* yourself.

  31. Cunningham Says:

    Davey, watch yer fuc*in mouth. I already told you I’m in no mood today. Peckerhead.

  32. Dave the greek Says:

    Blow me Cunningham

  33. Joey Says:

    Hey Cunt ing ham. Go fffffuc* yourself you dirty mutha fuc*in ass eatin douche bag coc*sucka.

  34. Davey Da Greek Says:

    Hey Joe, put up some dead presidents ya cheap coc*sucka.

  35. Pink Floyd Says:

    ooooh helloooooo everybody! Floyd is here! Davey, is that a pickle in your pocket? oooh Koey, take me home! I won’t tell your lovely Heather.

  36. Dave the Greek Says:

    Fuc* you ya fagg*t coc*sucka. Ya buyin? Ya coc*sucka? Aaay get me some booze Cunningham.

  37. Dave the Greek Says:

    Aaaay homo! What’s wrong with you? I’m fuc*in tryin to keep a low profile and you keep fuc*in makin shi* up. I ain’t no homo. I fuc*ed a tranny in Chicago when I was with the circus, but he looked like a woman. I didn’t fuc*in know until I went to eat her cccccun*. Oh well, fuc* it! Buy some fuc*in drinks ya coc*sucka.

  38. Floyd Says:

    Davey, I don’t want to go home with you. You’re married. But Joey is single and he likes to eat ass.

  39. Joey Says:

    Hey Greek, that bit*h that you fuc*ed in Chicago was a homo? Heheheheheh you’re a real dumb Greek coc*sucker. You fuc*in homo. hehehehehehehee I can’t believe you fuc*ed a homo. Cunningham…where’s the fuc*in booze?

  40. Davey the Greek Says:

    aaaay… Joe, blow me. I didn’t fuc*in know that broad had a coc*! How da fuc* did I know. She had nice legs, dynamite hooters, and a round ass. So go fuc* yourself and buy some fuc*in booze. I ain’t got all fuc*in day ya coc*sucka!

  41. Cunningham Says:

    alright. enough of the bullshi* from the two of you. I got a hangover and I’m in no mood.

  42. Floyd Says:

    John, can you make a frozen pink lady?

  43. Cunningham Says:

    Don’t bust my balls Fffffloyd.

  44. Floyd Says:

    I would never bust your balls, John. I might lick them though….

  45. Floydave the greek Says:

    aaaay Joe, do you hear that coc*sucka? holy fuc*, he’s startin his homo thing again.

  46. Joey Says:

    aaaaaaah fuc* him. that fuc*in faggot ass eater

    • Dave The greek Says:

      Joe, buy some fuuc*in drinks will ya? You never fuc*in buy a few drinks. And cunningham never gives us a fuc*in buybak That dirty coc*sucka. Let’s go around the fuc*in corner Joe. wudddaya say shithead?

  47. Joey Says:

    Hey you cheap greek coc*sucka, fuc* you. I ain’t buyin no drinks until you fuc*in buy a few. You cheap greek ass eatrin dirty muthafuc*in as*eatin shi*head.

  48. John Cunningham Says:

    Hey pecke*head, watch ya fuc*in mouth.

  49. Johnny Cannella Says:

    Aaaay jellybeans! Get out the back door! Hi Dave. Jooooeeeeey! Hi Floyd, do you remeber what you did last night? I’m tellin Dobie. Hi John, I’ll have a drink. Joey’s buyin. Gimme scot….ch. Red. eheheheheheehheeeehheheheheheh get my point?

  50. Joey Says:

    Hey johnny. Are you a fuc*in as*hole or what? I’m on food stamps and yopur tryin to fuc*in get me to buy you as fuc*in drink> FUC8 YOU YOU FAGGOT.

  51. Johnny Says:

    Joey, watch ya gaddam mout. Your mout is filthy. Filth is all you know. I’m buyin you a gaddam dictionary for Christmas so you learn some new words.

  52. Joey Says:

    Aaaaay johnny, blo* me! You homo ass wiper.

  53. Pink Floyd Says:

    Joey, do you have a problem with homo sexuals? I’ll change your mind in the back booth…..

  54. Joey Says:

    fuuuuuuucccccccc# yyyou Ffffffloyd. I like hineys on women. Especially my Heather.

  55. Pin Floyd Says:

    Joey, I cn chamge you the same way you say you can change lesbians.

  56. Dave The Greek Says:

    Yo Joe, plase stop fuc#in arund wi da faggot and ldorate the mahogany and buy me a fuc@in drink you cheap coc@sucka.

  57. Joey Spagna Says:

    Fuuuuuucccccckkkk you you rent controlled cheap mutha fuc&in ass wiping jerk off ass eater.

  58. Dave the Greek Says:

    Heeey Jooooe,
    Blllllloooooow me coc*sucka.

  59. Johnny Coooooonella Says:

    DSave, watch ya mout. I’ll call Bonnie and Jamie.

  60. Dave the greek Says:

    Hey coonella, blllllloooooow me coc&sucka faggot.

  61. Johnny Cannella Says:

    Dave yer mout is fillllllllllllllllthy filllllllllllllthy

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