I lost my last post. It was wonderful and full of snark. I tried to save and continue editing, but it just went away. It was a lovely post about the magic of the internet and candy. Now I'm not so sure that the internet is anything more than a super-meanie.

The post was about www.freecol.org, the attempt to creat an open-source version of the late great game Colonization, and then to make a new and better version. [Also, go to www.virtualtoad.com, where at least one public servant is trying to recreate the zany beauty of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride].

Open source is the wave of the future. All we need is an open source Charles in Charge and we're good to go.

I tried to watch "Deadwood" last night. I've been reading about how amazing it is all summer, and decided to give it a try. It didn't make any sense, but the show is incredibly well done. "Entourage" was a bit disappointing, but I'm not really worried because I don't think I've ever enjoyed any of the premieres. The possible gem is "Lucky Louie" or whatever that show is called. I've always been a big fan of traditional sitcoms. Nothing says funny like kooky neighbors and "Lucky Louie," like "That's my Bush" is nothing short of a love paean to the formulaic sitcom. The show also seems likely to develop a significant stupid buddy quotient. The best example of this was probably "Charles in Charge" in which the buddy is actually named Buddy. How can you not like a show whose typical TV guide episode description is "Charles' advice causes misunderstandings." Some things never made sense about the show. How did the family even meet Charles in the first place? Why wouldn't they fire him for exposing their family to someone like Buddy? Why did every super hot woman sleep with Scott Baio? Is he still getting every woman in the world?

According to Wikipedia, Charles actually worked for a family before the Powells named the Pembrooks, and when they moved, Charles came with the house. Apparently live-in nannys are transferable items, like laundry machines or lawn gnomes. Apparently two families were idiotic enough to entrust their family to Charles, who has a dispenser of hilarity is quite qualified, but as a housekeeper is highly dubious. He doesn't even know how to bake a cake! Plus he slept with the daughter.
Anyway, I'm just glad someone's going to give sitcoms another shot, now that the networks are only making police procedurals and shows about K-Fed's makeover. Plus, because it's HBO they can say dirty words and show nudity. If only "Married with Children" had been on HBO, or for that matter, "Friends" and "The Golden Girls."