I mean it. After having no one referred to my page through a search engine, two google searches brought people to Yesterday's Salad. 1) wikipedia "Brandy Taylor" and 2) Mimi Roger Nude. You might remember a mention of Brandy Taylor from my post on White Teeth, or you might not. it really was a one-off. You may also remember my reference to Mimi Rogers nude scene in The Door in the Floor, which was part of a discussion on movies about writers and writing. The thing is, I'm constantly being sent to blogs about nothing when looking for stuff like, "Sandra Lee Breasts" or "Mimi Rogers Nude" or "Jennifer B——- is amazing!!!!!!!" (which, Jen is yelling, does not make up for searching for Sandra Lee's breasts. I swear I was searching for chicken breasts.) and I know how annoying it is to find a blog about the media or hysterical realism instead of cleavage shots. 

Even though I should start posting porn on my blog, I wont. There will be no references to XXX COCK HUNGRY SLUTS or BUSTY MATURE ASIAN WOMEN or ALL NUDE ROBBY ALL THE TIME on my blog anymore. I run a familty site. (Btw, I'm reminded of the time I renamed Isaac's High School Graduation video "Isaac Elias Gets Laid" and put it in my Kazaa shared folder. No joke, 15 people downloaded it. I don't know what they were searching for. Who would actually type in "Isaac Elias gets laid" in the Kazaa search engine? Perhaps it's the name of some obscure disco folk album.) I will no longer discuss lascivious things just for traffic.

I will continue to mention famous intellectuals however. So be prepared for posts about Gil Anidjar being smarter than Derrida, or Edward Said throwing rocks at Canada, or Jhumpa Lahiri being pretty attractive. Or, at least post mentioning them so I can get me some search traffic.


George H. W. Bush

(now that's gonna get me some hits!)