2 funny things that happened today. Going up to my storage area on the M11, Josh and I were talking about computers and hard drives, and things going to shit when the hard drive is too full. So I told josh that the WHITE Macbook is actually faster than the BLACK Macbook, because the white one has a better/faster hard drive. This is despite the fact that the black one is 150 dollars more. At this point the hispanic gentleman in front of us decided he wanted no part of our conversation and decided to make a quick exit to the front of the bus.

Later, at Jamba Juice, I used my alias (Dash) instead of my real name which is hard for people to pronounce. I unfortunately didn't have enough cash to pay, and had to give my credit card bearing my real name. The guy took the card, looked at me, smiled, and nodded, as if to say "smooth move." He then called me Dash about 3 or 4 times. I can only assume he thinks Dash is a petty thief extraordinare, who goes around buying 12 dollars worth of Jamba Juice on patsies dimes. 

This item in the Times highlights the fact that Amtrak has a totally unreliable infrasturcture, much of it built during the hoover administration. Yesterday, on Mythbusters, we learned about the billions of dollars that have been poured into personal flying machines over the years, and the hundreds of millions that still go in to flying cars because, in Jamie's words, "you can't pave the whole country." Our airlines and roadways are overburdened and fuel inefficient.  Isn't it time to just invest in better regional and inter-city hi-speed rail in this country?

Ashlee Simpson looks really hot now, and all it took was a new nose. Jen remarked that she can’t remember the last time a celebrity got such a visible plastic surgery (or really, plastic surgery on such a visible part). I have no problem with her nose job, nor do I think anyone else does. If she had gotten new breasts, girls would have hated her like they do everyone else with fake breasts, and natural breast enthusiasts would be up in arms. But no one really cares about a nose job. Half the girls in your high school had nose jobs, and probably 5/6 of your family. Besides, she had a terribly deviated septum, and you don’t want to see people suffer. It’s not her fault they decided to tidy up while she was already under. 

Brett Myers

June 15, 2006

I am not saying I told you so. I think I jinxed Meyers. He's been absolutely awful since my blog entry. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly Brett is a loyal reader, read my post, concurred with my reasoning that he was overrated and not pitching very well, and decided to pitch worse. The power of the internet. I'm sorry for everything I've done.

To help loyal reader Brett, I present a new argument as to why Brett is awesome. 1) During games he starts, tropical storms do not become hurricanes 2) Over Meyers last 4 starts, Josh's chances of being laid have increased 200%, whereas they have decreased 60% in games started by Eude Brito or Ryan Madson 3) He's still better than the US soccer team.

In short, I believe in Brett Meyers. Start pitching well again.