Brett Myers

June 15, 2006

I am not saying I told you so. I think I jinxed Meyers. He's been absolutely awful since my blog entry. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly Brett is a loyal reader, read my post, concurred with my reasoning that he was overrated and not pitching very well, and decided to pitch worse. The power of the internet. I'm sorry for everything I've done.

To help loyal reader Brett, I present a new argument as to why Brett is awesome. 1) During games he starts, tropical storms do not become hurricanes 2) Over Meyers last 4 starts, Josh's chances of being laid have increased 200%, whereas they have decreased 60% in games started by Eude Brito or Ryan Madson 3) He's still better than the US soccer team.

In short, I believe in Brett Meyers. Start pitching well again.

One Response to “Brett Myers”

  1. Michael Says:

    I move that this post be revised; in light of the recent, villainous behavior Mr. Myers has displayed while walking the peaceful streets of Boston.

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