Dash Hammerskjold is a Thief and a Racist

June 15, 2006

2 funny things that happened today. Going up to my storage area on the M11, Josh and I were talking about computers and hard drives, and things going to shit when the hard drive is too full. So I told josh that the WHITE Macbook is actually faster than the BLACK Macbook, because the white one has a better/faster hard drive. This is despite the fact that the black one is 150 dollars more. At this point the hispanic gentleman in front of us decided he wanted no part of our conversation and decided to make a quick exit to the front of the bus.

Later, at Jamba Juice, I used my alias (Dash) instead of my real name which is hard for people to pronounce. I unfortunately didn't have enough cash to pay, and had to give my credit card bearing my real name. The guy took the card, looked at me, smiled, and nodded, as if to say "smooth move." He then called me Dash about 3 or 4 times. I can only assume he thinks Dash is a petty thief extraordinare, who goes around buying 12 dollars worth of Jamba Juice on patsies dimes. 

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