I’m stealing WiFi from someone named “yoon”. I much prefer yoon to “Dorchester708paymeinordertouse” because you have to pay him in order to use; it’s not just a clever name. My blog stats have been blowing up. For whatever reason, people are going to JJ’s blog and then clicking to mine. I’m also getting a lot of search engine hits; some for porn, some for deglazing with milk. Clearly I have to add random culinary buzzwords (such as blanching or Julienne to my blog repetoire. Btw, my sister talk me into buying a julienne peeler, which appears to be completely pointless. Let this be a lesson to limit impulse buys to your own impulses.) I’m also on the first results page for the google search “shining bear suit meaning.” My post on the shining doesn’t really adress this, however. So hear goes: the bear suit represents the degredation of the working class. There is nothing the tuxedo wearing blow job recipient can not thrust upon the exploited class, including bizarre sexual encounters. I hope that helps. Apparently, the real reason its in the movie is that it comes from the book, and kubrick left it in to show the character’s isolation via disorientation. I prefer my Marxist reading. Check back tomorrow for a post-colonial reading.

The TV treatment is going well. The ideas are a jumble, and the show will appeal to about 7 people, but hopefully they’re all studio executives. From what I hear, the low level guy we have to impress is a communist, so I’m peppering the sci-fi comedy with plenty of references to Stalin, evil industrial fat cats, mother russia, mother courage, and Cuba. I’m really hoping this sitcom can save me from grad school–not because I don’t want to study, but because I really want to write sitcoms. I’ve been planning a great one about professional ping pong players for years. As soon as ping pong becomes the next poker, I’ll be ok.

I might actually try and turn in a dissertation in the shape of a sitcom script. Hopefully the department will look favourably on characters making jokes about the jewish question and postmodern representations of the holocaust. I know it’s my ideal.

If there’s still free wireless when I get back from class, I’ll post more. I just wanted to make sure I posted today before the GMT clock strikes midnight.


(You may have noticed some Britishisms. This is a direct response to my blog overlords being on GMT)