Summer school. Sigh.

June 20, 2006

Summer school got off to a bang last night. Class was exhausting and long. The one thing that really made up for it though was the fact that my teacher is an extremely hot french guy, straight from the Ecole Normale. Even though I'm decidedly not gay, I appreciate the effort put in by the University of Chicago to make sure that we have a good looking teacher. All universities should do whatever they can to make sure that long night classes have incredibly attractive instructors. I can only assume this is the official policy of the U of C, and I just happened to be in one of the classes with a male instructor. If only I'd taken that Tagalog class instead. 

An actual white house press briefing.

Q. There's a controversy this week over Congressman John Murtha's comments about Karl Rove. What can you tell us? Specifically, does Mr. Rove have a "fat backside"?
Snow: I don't want to comment on the anatomical aspects of White House staff.
Q. Come on, Tony, It's just a factual question. Is his backside fat, or not?
Snow: Again, I don't think the question is appropriate.
Q. Well, how would you describe his backside?
Snow: Mr. Rove's posterior is rotund.
Q. Well, isn't rotund the same as fat?
Snow: I'll leave it you in the press to parse the meaning of those words. I'm only authorized to say, his posterior is rotund.

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Memories from King Cole

June 20, 2006

Two pictures from the King Cole fete.


Dash looking Dastardly


Hy, shortly after trading his fortune for a chance to work at Koronet