White House Press Corps Mania

June 20, 2006

An actual white house press briefing.

Q. There's a controversy this week over Congressman John Murtha's comments about Karl Rove. What can you tell us? Specifically, does Mr. Rove have a "fat backside"?
Snow: I don't want to comment on the anatomical aspects of White House staff.
Q. Come on, Tony, It's just a factual question. Is his backside fat, or not?
Snow: Again, I don't think the question is appropriate.
Q. Well, how would you describe his backside?
Snow: Mr. Rove's posterior is rotund.
Q. Well, isn't rotund the same as fat?
Snow: I'll leave it you in the press to parse the meaning of those words. I'm only authorized to say, his posterior is rotund.

More here.  

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