Signs The End is Nigh

June 21, 2006

1) People being led to my site by google searches are actually finding what they're looking for. While I seem to be getting an overwhelming number of hits for Brandy Taylor's wikipedia page (which I can only assume does not exist because she's trying to keep her "amateur" status and does not want to be classified as a "professional", even though we all know that's what she is), most of the searches that lead people here are now about things I've covered on the site. Fans of the internets know that successful google searches are a rarity. I'm very thankful for doing my part.

2) Sitcom writing is surprisingly difficult. Neither Alec nor I can come up with a mundane 20th century threat that could be over solved by being exploded. Please help. Also, it is quite clear that no one not named Josh Joseph will ever want to see our show. I do hope there are at least 5 million Josh Josephs out there.

3) French people have a funny understanding of english. From my teacher, who is a professional translator of French INTO English: le plus=the most; le moins=the less. Also, he could not understand why none of us knew the word "Abbey" before I was able to explain that it was a Britishism. At which point he gleamed with the reassurance of being superior in English to all Americans.

4) Southwest Airlines is going to test assigned seating. They're also considering starting international flights. This is great news. I can't wait for the day when the meal on a transcontinental flight is two twix bars (4 for me–none for you). Btw, never take an American carrier international. Always stick to the Europeans, and petition your congressman for loosening of international carrier regulations.

5) Vineland is almost understandable. Has Eitan gone crazy? Part of the fun of reading Pynchon is having no clue what is going on. 60 pages into Vineland and I'm still not lost. What's happened! Thank god for the ridiculous analepsis, or I'd have no clue what I was reading.

6) Electricity and hot water have been restored to the bathroom of my apartment. So long cold showers-some of us have entered the 20th century.

2 Responses to “Signs The End is Nigh”

  1. Isaac Says:

    I’m sure if JJ would watch it, so would I!

    Also, why didn’t you tell me about this wonderful new project called a “web-log”, also shortened by some hipsters to “blog”? I’m so excited to finally keep up with your fun and zany exploits!

    Also, I decided on school. I made the right choice. Tell Jenn I need a place to live!

    You’re my favourite!

  2. Isaac Says:

    I meant Jen…. really….

    You’ll rue the day you added this blog to your facebook profile without first dis-abling comments! Rue!

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