June 21, 2006

I simultaneously think building streetcars is a terrific and awful idea. Modern streetcars (i.e. Portland) are cost-efficient, and attractive to riders. Heritage streetcars, on the other hand, seem to be needless kitsch. That being said, the main problem with Heritage Streetcars is their limited scope. Downtown loops are fine and dandy for tourists, but useless for residents who need a way to get downtown.

The Little Rock Trolley shows the mixed blessings of streetcars. My friends and I visited the Paris of Arkansas on our road trip last year, and took a ride on the Gomaco replica trolley. It was a fun 7 minutes. Then we got off and had pizza (all of us actually really liked the town, even though it was barren on a sunday). Apparently, the streetcar is spurring some development.

Here is a condo being built.


But something tells me the President Clinton library is the real spur for development in Little Rock, and that the trolley will be beneficial in ferrying Clinton fans around town.

Now, if Little Rock built trolleys all over the place, leading people downtown, that could actually do something.  

One Response to “Streetcars”

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