Baseball and Life

June 26, 2006

1) Tadahito Iguchi hit two home runs in a two inning span, 1 a three run homer and the other a grand slam to tie the game and send it into extra innings. Alec, his brother, and I were ecstatic, while Jennifer sat there looking bored, becoming ever aware of the fact that she was going to have to spend more time at the ball park. Ah the white sox: late inning heroics that endear young children and phillies fans to the team, and ruin girlfriends’ nights.

A quick list of must buy, hot deal concessions:

The Cheese Quesodillas, 2.25. Only available at one dinky Mexican stand that probably should have been shut down years ago, these half cheese/half plastic wrapper treats are fun for the whole family. Cheap, and satisfying, however don’t expect much in the hot pepper department. Also, the freshness of the Queso’s is completely random. You never know when they’ve been made until you buy em.

The mini bag of Churros, 3.00. Probably about 2 or 3 churros worth of miniature goodness. Regular churros are $2! Take that full size world! The mini bag is of special favorite to the inhabitants of the doll house in the Museum of Science and Industry.

Snow Cones, 2.25. Quite large, taking at least an inning and a half to drink properly. Probably priced so cheaply because they’re Jesus’ favorite.

The Designated Driver soda special, free! Just give your licence number and you get a ticket good for a 16 ounce soda. They don’t even stamp your hand when you sign up, so there’s really no way they could check to see if you’re a DD when you go to buy beer. Unbelievably great promotion for the consumer. Probably not a good one for the pedestrians of the world, because the only people that find out about this deal are people who might otherwise drive drunk.

2) Brett Myers. You don’t really want to believe it about your favorite players. We want to think of them as heroes who sacrifice all for the team, and live the sport. Or we want to think of them dating the hottest of celebrities so the camera can show us what they come home to at night. We don’t want to think of them having real lives, with real problems, and real issues. I don’t want to judge too fast, but I don’t want to minimize what happened. I wish him and his wife luck in sorting through things, and I hope he can learn to deal with his problem. Domestic violence is terrible, and disgusting, but not every case is the same. Some can be worked through. We should let the light shine a little less bright on Brett and allow him and his wife to try and get help.