US Cellular food- A correction

June 29, 2006

As per Robert’s comment: I did not mean to denegrate the Triple Play Cafe at the Cell in my post. If it were not for the TPC, I would be purchasing kosher dogs and would thus be rendered incapable of consuming dairy products for the next 9 innings.

(BTW, wouldn’t Kashrut be far more entertaining if it were tied to innings in baseball–or cricket–games instead of time. Time consuming pitchers would be denegrated in the media, Nomar would be banned from ever hitting. Anything that slowed the game down would be reviled. The Kevin Brown perfect inning-3 pitches-would replace striking out the side as the gold standard. Presumably, this would hurt concession sales, making it a no-deal with Jewish owners. Still, it would add to the arbitrariness of Jewish law, which is never a bad thing.)

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