June 30, 2006

Saw the Synger Superman movie with Alec and his younger brother, the bandleader of Junction 55 and the Trumpeteers (now that it’s on the internet, it’s true). I thought the movie was paced too slowly, while Alec disagreed. Both of us felt that it captured the majesty of Superman, and treated him with the reverence that the character deserves. The acting is a little bit strange though. Routh is a good Superman but a bad Clark Kent; he doesn’t do quite enough to distance the two portrayals. Also, Clark never seems to be working, which is a bit problematic. Kate Bosworth is bad to ok, while James Marsden is surprisingly good. The big problem is that there isn’t enough of Kevin Spacey, who sells the Luthor character convincingly. As for the plot, well, that’s a bit problematic. The evil scheme is too close to the first Superman for my taste, while the whole Lois-Cyclops-Superman love triangle and Lois Lane: ace reporter/mother bit fell flat. But, in the end, if you want a plot you listen to a radio play. When you go to the movies, you want to see beautiful pictures, and Superman certainly is that.

Anyway, the movie got me thinking: what is the best song about Superman? Here’s my quick list of candidates:

1) R.E.M, Superman. A good song, but too pretty to rock out to while kicking Doomsday’s ass.

2) Eminem, Superman. Probably the only song on the list that makes reference to Mariah Carey being a whore. For that reason alone, this one is the early favorite.

3) Spin Doctors, Jimmy Olson Blues. What ever happened to these guys? They probably should have been the biggest act of the last twenty years. This song alone garuantees them induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. And did I mention Two princes?

4) Crash Test Dummies, Soloman Grundy. Probably the winner just because it references Soloman Grundy, one of the more pointless of superman’s rogues gallery. Alec, btw, correctly points out that Luthor is the only great pure Superman villain. I disagree. Society is the only villain capable of destroying Superman–I’m not even joking this time. If you want to defeat Superman, make people stop believing in him. He’s like the energizer bunny. If you don’t believe in him, he wont haunt your dreams.

5) 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite. A great rock number, but like all Superman stories it eventually resorts to using Kryptonite to defeat Superman. For shame.

6) That 5 for Fighting song. I don’t want to admit I like it, but I do. Even better when covered by drunk mexican guys.

And the winner is: A Tie! 1) John Williams’ Superman theme. Really, besides Star Wars, what movie score is more recognizable? 2) The Ducktales theme song!