Dibs and Alec both made song suggestions for the Superman list. I’ve never really gotten into the Flaming Lips, probably because I’ve read that so many bands are the greatest band ever that I’ve only started to listen to bands that everyone says are terrible. The Captain and Tenille haven’t let me down yet, so I’m going to stick to this one.

As for Dibs’ song…Our Lady Peace, Superman’s Dead. An absolute shonda on me for forgetting to include this song. I must have listened to this track every day in 8th grade (in fact my rail obsession probably has its genesis in the “the world’s a subway, subway,–RIDE” denouement), and it remains the best musical suggestion that Danny Stein made to me, the other being the Offspring album Ixnay on the Hombre. This song captures all the emotions that 1993’s epic storyline the Death of Superman failed to elicit. I really did sit and wonder Why-e-e-e-I Superman was dead, especially at the hands of a villain with absolutely no character development. Thankfully, the subsequent storylines, World Without a Superman and Return of Superman were highly entertaining, and Jurgens’ later Superman/Doomsday prestige mini-series made Doomsday a palatable character (or, at least, a character). An absolutely phenomenal track.

As for the other part of the post…I spent the weekend in Cleveland at a wedding. I actually quite liked the deindustrialized flats area of Cleveland, and the demise of the rust belt. Nothing compares to the brown Cuyahoga river, though. Even though R.E.M.’s 1986 rocker “Cuyahoga” alerted me to the fact that the river was now a souvenir, skimmed blood red by industrial capacity, I wasn’t quite compared for the grossness (grossosity?) of the Cleveland shoreline. It really made me appreciate the beauty of Lake Michigan, which does not catch on fire, and the bluish hue of the Chicago river, which only bubbles at one or two points within the city limits. Downstate though, is another story. No one ever said that having a river that runs backwards would play well in the sticks.

The second best part of the weekend-what can I say? I’m a sucker for weddings (or at least their open bars)-was the fact that the New York Yankees stayed at the same hotel that I did. All my Long Island relatives were starstruck beyond belief, and were constantly running into Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter in elevators. I got to see Don Mattingly, who the New York media maintains beyond any semblance of reality should be in the Hall of Fame. I’m actually ok with this, as long as he goes in as a Seattle Mariner. I also got to see lots of aging baseball Annie’s, with horrible dye jobs and skanky clothes. Who ever knew that Cleveland was paradise?