Two Posts!

August 10, 2006

Maybe the greatest Reuters article I’ve ever read.

It’s about Mary Carey’s new attempt to run for the governor of Cali.
Highlights: “Carey, who announced in December that she had lost weight, replaced her teeth and acquired new, size 36-D breasts, drew a throng of photographers and gawkers as she entered the building, inspiring one man to call out: ‘Mary, you’re thinner!'”

One Response to “Two Posts!”

  1. Erik Says:

    She does appear to have a strong platform.

    * Lower deficit
    * Bring NFL teams to LA
    * Help fire fighters and police men
    * Flood control in sacramento/northern california
    * Help the over crowded and mis-managed prision system
    * Make strip clubs full nude with full alchol
    * Make service industry (bars, clubs, etc) open until 5am
    * Porn for pistols
    * Unemployed serve jury duty

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