stealth blogging

December 20, 2006

if you blog and don’t tell any regulars about it, will anybody come? or better yet, will a friend drop it in casual conversation?

time to get back onto the bookmark bars of america

in food news-

one of those crazy chicago chefs is going to be on iron chef america in january.

from hungrymag…

Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche of Moto

Chef’s Cantu and Roche of Moto restaurant officially go to war on Food Network’s Iron Chef next month. The episode has been in the can for a while, but the air date has been in question. No more. As Chef Cantu says, “This battle promises to push the limits of kung fu fighting on television.” The airdates are:

January 21, 2007 9:00 PM ET/PTand, just in time for christmas, some iron chef demystification:

stay tuned for some good old fashioned OED blogging


December 20, 2006

can you believe that “poopy-adj” was only just added to the OED, and that there are two, regularly confused definitions? who knew?

poopy-adj 1:

colloq. (chiefly U.S.).

Resembling or characteristic of a poop (

POOP n.4); foolish, dull-witted; ineffectual, pathetic, weak.
In later use sometimes difficult to distinguish from POOPY adj.2

[an example of a later use: 1993 B. KINGSOLVER Pigs in Heaven II. xiii. 140 The poopy old manager says some stupid things to me every single day.]

how the hell did they decide that that langue (or is that parole?) referred to poopy-1 and not poopy-2?

N. Amer. colloq.

[<POOP n.2 + -Y suffix1.]

Soiled with, or containing, faeces. Also fig.: unpleasant.

1990 Elle (U.S. ed.) Aug. 136/3 Designers are well aware that fashion must counteract what Oldham calls ‘poopy times’, including the devastation AIDS has wreaked upon the industry.

-if later uses of “poopy” are so hard to classify, why is the latest qoute for entry 1 from 1993?

-what does it mean that the “poopy” boundaries are collapsing? can someone tell me what this does for the institutions of poop?