December 20, 2006

can you believe that “poopy-adj” was only just added to the OED, and that there are two, regularly confused definitions? who knew?

poopy-adj 1:

colloq. (chiefly U.S.).

Resembling or characteristic of a poop (

POOP n.4); foolish, dull-witted; ineffectual, pathetic, weak.
In later use sometimes difficult to distinguish from POOPY adj.2

[an example of a later use: 1993 B. KINGSOLVER Pigs in Heaven II. xiii. 140 The poopy old manager says some stupid things to me every single day.]

how the hell did they decide that that langue (or is that parole?) referred to poopy-1 and not poopy-2?

N. Amer. colloq.

[<POOP n.2 + -Y suffix1.]

Soiled with, or containing, faeces. Also fig.: unpleasant.

1990 Elle (U.S. ed.) Aug. 136/3 Designers are well aware that fashion must counteract what Oldham calls ‘poopy times’, including the devastation AIDS has wreaked upon the industry.

-if later uses of “poopy” are so hard to classify, why is the latest qoute for entry 1 from 1993?

-what does it mean that the “poopy” boundaries are collapsing? can someone tell me what this does for the institutions of poop?

2 Responses to “poopy-adj”

  1. Jen Says:

    I was directed to post a comment. I think the guys at OED must have a thing for Beyonce because bootylicious made it into the dictionary years before poopy did. Also, my mother appreciates the shout out.

  2. […] the sight where Yesterday’s Salad relaunched, just about one year ago with this post about poopy-adj (and new readers though we were only about feet!). So allow me to open this month of […]

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