word of the day: lacuna

December 25, 2006

although i’ve been scooped by dictionary.com, which made lacuna their word of the day on Feb. 19, 2001, I’ve decided to go ahead and name lacuna (pl. lacunae) today’s word. lacuna comes from the latin “lacuna” (wunderbar) meaning, a hole or a gap, and for a time was anglicized as “lacune,” however that form is now very rare (and thus, i encourage everyone to use it).

the english definition of lacuna also means a hole or gap. According to the OED, lacuna is “1. In a manuscript, an inscription, the text of an author: A hiatus, blank, missing portion. ” this definition is used frequently in literary criticism, although there it occasional gains the added nuance of something intentionally left out by the author. I’ve personally found lacuna to be one of those words that once you know you find it impossible to remember how you wrote papers without it. There’s also a scientific definition for “lacuna” which the OED has as the second definition.

The AHD gives the definition as “An empty space or a missing part; a gap” and though they give a literary quote thereafter, their definition is exceedingly broad and leaves way for misuse. For example “mind the lacuna between the rails.”

i’ll leave it up to you to infer why this is the word of the day.

once again i find that the google search that most often leads people to my site is “Brandy Taylor wikipedia.” this is to be expected: brandy taylor is far more attractive than cake-mix pancakes, and has much larger breasts than the word of the day. yet while those qualities make her an often searched for internet celebrity, and Yesterday’s Salad’s number one supplier of traffic, they have not been enough to keep Brandy on wikipedia. But why?

when i first mentioned bt and wikipedia, she had no page. then she received a page and all was fine and dandy in the world. and now it’s gone again. it appears that there has been a purge of porn related pages on wikipedia, and that the list of big bust models and performers is a shell of its former self. i don’t have any real reason for explaining this, but i have a few thoughts.

1) brandy’s page was poorly written, and didn’t offer any information about her. simply listing a filmography is not enough to keep you on wikipedia

2) brandy’s “girl next door” look and style de-exoticizes her, depressing the interest in her as a person. her porn celebrity exists because she fits an archetype.

3) brandy is overexposed. again, there is no mystery when you can see her every week on various gonzo sites

4) brandy has no unique porn niche. there are women with much larger breasts, larger bodies, smaller naturals, and so forth. she’s too young to be a milf, and too old to be barely legal. instead, she just is. while this certainly helps her get shoots (see reasons 2 &3), it makes her fan base less fanatical.

5) no-one knows anything about her. perhaps if there were more available information about her, it would be fashioned into a useful article. actually, this info may exist; i’ve just never tried looking for it. if people want to leave brandy facts in the comments, i  will be more than willing to write a brandy taylor wikipedia article. perhaps she needs to give more interviews with Score, Juggs, or Yesterday’s Salad.

now, the most interesting part of this brandy taylor saga, is that she has yet to be included on boobpedia. while the site is still nascent, one would imagine that someone would have made a place holder page for her. but again, no. is this a reflection of her lack of celebrity, or simply a condition of boobpedia’s slow growth? only time may tell.

until then I remain,

in trouble with my girlfriend for writing about porn