December 28, 2006

i decided to throw subversion onto urbandictionary to see what came back. here are the picks of the litter:


(-ly) adv.–something done subversively, sneakily, and with no small amount of luck and cleverness.

adj.–One who is subversive, but not with any particular goal in mind

Paul sleptigariously moved the spatula behind the toaster.

unfortunately, i think the word may be too forgettable to really catch on, but it’s a pretty perfect word.


A bunch of subversive and seditious communist lovers who claim to be safeguarding rights when in fact they are only interested in promoting the socialist agenda and hugging up to dangerous people and ideals.

The ACLU should be outright banned as a subversive organization from the United States!

bill o’reilly submits to urbandictionary?

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