words AND societal trends? oh, yesterday’s salad, you’re too good to us!

January 1, 2007

from the New York Times Sunday Style section comes this ridiculous gem:

Vicky Vette, 41, blond and buxom — who could pass for 10 years younger — jumped in a couple of years ago, explaining on her Web site that after a career as an accountant and housing contractor with her husband, she won an amateur photo contest in Hustler magazine and began making sex videos. (She declined an interview, perhaps because her husband committed suicide in June and in a letter discovered posthumously accused her of being a white supremacist. She has denied this.)

full article here.

MILF Hunter stands out as an obvious lacuna in this article. I also would have mentioned American Pie, and its romanticizing of the older woman (plus, it’s the origin of the word MILF). nonetheless, the times has clearly put their finger on a major cultural trend (or, at the very least, the history folder of my browser)…

and now the word of the day: decepticated

today’s word comes to us from Black Sheep’s 1992 top-ten hit, “the choice is yours.” here’s the full lyric:

“Stylin’ is creative black sheep of the native/ Can’t be violated or even decepticated”

urbandictionary turns up no hits for either “decepticated” or “decepticate”. OED confirms my assumptions that it is not a real world. i had to check; if i’d heard decepticate in a decemberists song, i would have assumed it was an obscure literary reference. so, for lack of a better slang dictionary, and because google searches only turn up the Black Sheep lyric, I’m going to assume that Black Sheep is the source of the neologism.

in my oppinion, there are two possible meanings/derivations for the word.

1) a synonym for deceive, created to better resemble/reference the noun form. considering how far removed “reify” is from “reification,” I totally understand the desire to create a new, more noun centered verb.

2) to perform a negative action in the style of the insidious deceptacons. also, negative actions undertaken by the deceptacons themselves. antonym: to autobate.

i’ll take suggestions for other meanings in the comments. at the end of the week i’m going to add the winning definitions to urbandictionary.

2 Responses to “words AND societal trends? oh, yesterday’s salad, you’re too good to us!”

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