editorial note

January 3, 2007

long time readers (all three of them) have probably started noticing a few changes here at Yesterday’s Salad. the most obvious change is that we’re posting again. since i don’t trust myself to keep posting every day, i’ve enlisted some help for the site.

josh (notwithabangbutawhimper) has basically folded his irregularly published blog into mine. all those great drink recipes and pieces of mixological lore come from him. he’s working the booze beat around here, although we’ll all probably post in that category from time to time.

cody the destroyer (codyhess) is going to write the occasional book review. i hope he’ll do this once a week or so. long time readers know book reviews were a regular YS feature in the summer, and they’ve been missing around here.

d.h. lawrence and raymond chandler have decided to grace us with an ongoing exchange. look for that to start soon.

i’m also hoping to get an ’08 watch going. l.p. mandrake’s the guy at the point for that.

i like doing a word of the day post, but 7 words may be too many to work on anything else. i’d like to do some short blog posts in yiddish (grammatically incorrect, of course), and i’d like to keep doing literary analysis of american “low” culture. i’ve got some good annie swanson and spank rock material i’ve been working on.

and i welcome suggestions from viewers like you. i’ve gotten a lot of hits today, and i can’t tell why. maybe i have a regular readership now. stranger things have happened. if you are a regular reader, let your tastes be known.

josh’s posts are now tagged as notwithabangbutawhimper and i’ll add tags for the other guys when they start up. anything without a personal tag has been written by dailysalad. all mistakes are my own, except where i can blame them on society or zionism. these will be noted in the text.

until my next post (probably five minutes from now).

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