We rule! …sort of.

January 4, 2007

We have made the big time… only, if you count the big time to be minor Internet buzz.

As of this past (holiday) week, we were listed as #38 on WordPress Blogs of the Day. This put us above Muschelschubserin, a pleasant blog about a woman who owns a pair of geckos, but below NederOpine, which is currently maintained by someone from the low countries who really doesn’t like Ahmadinejad.*

I think that this is a pretty encouraging sign. Apart from the fact that our blog’s salad days are being officially recognized, and that we clearly have a position the Neuer Weltauftrag of Central European blogs, it now clear that someone is actually reading this blog. In fact, we’ve scored 90 hits today, as of the time when I was typing the first sentence of this posting.

While some naysayers may cite the fact that a sizeable fraction of our readership comes from searches for “Brandy Taylor,” we here at Yesterday’s Salad pride ourselves upon the fact that this is not a shameless ploy in order to get hits. Were we to attempt such chicanery, we would surely discuss other such entertainers with greater name recognition, like Christy Canyon, Raven Riley, Cytherea, etc. — as you can see, the list could go on for a while. No, the mention of Ms. Taylor (nee Talore) is far too much of a niche selection to be used for pandering to search sites like Google or Technorati. And the discussion that this has entailed has been of a purely sociological nature, providing you with an intelligent analysis of the social phenomena surrounding the popular Internet site Wikipedia.**

Furthermore, the prior topic of discussion is only a facet of the interesting things that are going on at YS. Where else can you find cogent analysis of today’s moderately obscure but hard-hitting issues? There is no other blog on the internet where you can find information on public transportation, literary theory, The Wire, and antiquarian beverages, all without so much as clicking your mouse.

Given that we talk about the afforementioned obscurata, and not Ultimate Fighting, Iraq, flash-in-the-pan technologies, or even most current events, it’s even more impressive that we made it to WordPress’ Growing Blogs list. Instead, our loyal readership, which consists of friends who scan postings for mentions of themselves, scrabble fanatics scouring Dash’s OED word of the day, Isaac, and undead 1920’s bartenders, continues to grow. Excelsior!

*Note, YS readers: In keeping with past dailysalad convention, this person shall henceforth be referred to as Lord Voldemort.

**Please also note: Given the prodigious dimensions of Ms. Taylor, at least two contributors to YS (including this poster) have noted their aesthetic preference for women with small breasts.

Brandy TaylorNot Brandy Taylor

Fig 1. Brandy Taylor Fig 2. Young woman with smaller breasts

One Response to “We rule! …sort of.”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    kind sir-

    please refrain from posting such pictures. i occasionally need to access this site from the library.

    further, the categories “Real” Friends, and snappy bloggers considerate enough to comment, are for blogroll purposes only


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