2008 Watch: Biden Update

January 8, 2007

joebiden2.jpgAs outlined previously, Joe Biden will not be president. That hasn’t stopped him, however, from recently announcing his candidacy for what is at least the third time. While a few more people have noticed this time, expect him to re-announce his candidacy several more times until Clinton and Obama (and Gore?) enter at which point we will likely never have to see Biden’s name in print ever again (except, of course, here at Yesterday’s Salad, home of the Semi-Annual Joe Biden Cake Mix Bake-off).

I do award serious style points for working in a defense of Saddam into his announcement appearance, though.

One Response to “2008 Watch: Biden Update”

  1. Th. Williams Says:

    Yes, I’m new to this site. Sorry if I’m replying on an out-dated article, but you only live twice. In response, it is a shame this fellow doesn’t stand a chance in the 2008 arena: his performance on the YouTube debates the other day was great. I don’t know what you thought of him, but I liked him. And what has given you the impression that Hillary Clinton and/or Barrack Obama won’t become president? Or Giuliani, or McCain? I hope I’m right to chuckle at all this…

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