random words for a random day

January 9, 2007

none of these words are truly deserving of a full post, but perhaps like a Vilsack-Bayh ticket, the sum will be worthwhile. (by the by, I just picked the worst two democratic names out of a hat, and I’d still feel happier with them in office than with any combination of republicans.)

herein he begins to blog…

in commiseration with jewbiquitious: long, v1. anyone reading jewbiquitous recently knows they’ve been rehashing some tough times. hopefully cj will be there to help (as a short time reader, i have no clue who cj is; talk about a steep learning curve).

“long”‘s original definition was exactly what you’d expect from its form: To grow longer; to lengthen. Obs.

Old English actually used the word in the current sense way back in the 9th century, but the word is considered impersonal, and takes the accusative (i think it now takes the dative. I long for ___ rather than “I long ___). for those interested, the correct form was “me longs” as in “me longs jennifer,” or “longeth” in more formal speech. from this we eventually get the current meaning.

there was also, “to long away,” (obs) meaning to put far away, to depart. longing away would cause longing.

in informant gave me the wrong definition department: fata morgana. i was told that fata morgana meant to see a mirage. unfortunately, it’s just a specific type of mirage. i don’t really believe that there is a specific verb for seeing a mirage. “to mirage” is to produce as a mirage or to cause something to resemble a mirage. still, it was good to learn there was a verbal form, and three adjectives that all mean the same thing, the best of which is “miraged” (seen in a mirage), simply because it bears the possibility of being confused with the past tense of the verb.

and in brian is wrong department: fellow doctoral student brian tried to tell me that the noun “jaundice” is derived from the verb jaundice, “to tinge yellow.” he’s wrong. also, “to tinge yellow” is a secondary definition for “jaundice, v” whose primary meaning is to give someone jaundice. double wrong!

and in fun words to make up for a boring post department:

1) implausibility: a herd of gnus

2) sanguisugous: blood-sucking; and figurative, bloodsuckingly cruel.

2 Responses to “random words for a random day”

  1. Annie Says:

    Long story short (I am so clever) CJ is the nickname of my significant other.

  2. lpmandrake Says:

    Don’t lie. You love Vilsack. No amount of blogging will change that fact.

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