the daily salad: links and love

January 9, 2007


well, just as soon as i say that vilsack-bayh would be the worst possible pairing, along comes word that John Kerry is running again. now, it’s obviously not official, but what internet rumor hasn’t come true?

besides, we don’t need a candidate to take serious action on the environment. global warming is a positive thing. we shouldn’t worry about heatwaves; new, fun research suggests that, “higher temperatures are killing people who are likely to die soon anyway.” It’s articles like this that make me wish I had a forbes subscription to cancel.

in other news, wildfires struck Malibu leaving Susanne Somers stranded. i’m sure she can always stay with cody. a quick look at Step-by-Step’s wikipedia page reveals some funny details about the show. for example, the producers almost brought on Dave Coulier to replace Cody’s comic relief. (btw, it’s always a bad sign when a sitcom requires comic relief).

on the word front, fake jew has an interesting post on typing “Jewish” into google. the same thing has happened to me a couple of times. i’m sure it has to do with google’s page algorithm (you know, the same one that gives this site a more prominent result for Brandy Taylor than her official site). i wonder what other terms lead people to such bizarre explanations. have the Visigoths also been the product of such ill-treatment?

in YS news: if you’re going to leave a comment, do it in style. just check out this one for a model of a great comment. just promise me you wont visit his website.

i’m also in the process of trying to get some of the supposed contributors to YS to contribute. one assures me he’ll start soon, one’s phone always goes straight to voicemail, and cody’s probably too bust at hopefully you’ll see even more of a melange here at the salad.

One Response to “the daily salad: links and love”

  1. Not Chosen Says:

    Thanks for the link. I was surprised that so many people knew about the google phenomenon…

    Take care,

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