evening love/word

January 13, 2007

¬†for those of you trying to decide what type of next generation dvd player to buy, the choice just got a lot clearer. the porn industry has decided to support hd-dvd. the porn industry has always been on the cutting edge of technology. betamax lost to vhs because the porn industry supported vhs, and internet video is what it is today because of the pioneering work of the porn industry in the mid-late nineties. don’t waste your money on blue-ray…

while i never got into it, some people speak about Deadwood with the same muted revered tones that i use for the wire. at some point i’ll probably get it from netflix, but mostly because everything i read about the creator, David Milch, implies that he is the craziest man in television. here’s a sample of what he said at the TCA:

Milch on working on Deadwood: “Well, basically the deal is: I’m a psychopath. I went in knowing I had four seasons on my contract. When I went in and pitched them Deadwood, I pitched it as a project set in Rome during the time of Nero. Then I found out that already had a show set in Rome. Do I sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about?!”

if deadwood is anywhere near as warped as milch, i’m really going to have to get it soon.

as for (yesterday’s) word…


now, i didn’t actually pick “nonpareil.” my friend decided to be cute with his party invitations and include a word of the day. i don’t actually think he knows about yesterday’s salad, so i’m going to try not to take this as an affront.

now, i’m of the opinion that “nonpareil” is far too pedestrian, well-known, and reactionary to be the WOTD, but there’s evidence that i’m mistaken. while “nonpareil” was one of my 6th grade vocabulary words (damn “Slake’s Limbo”, my friend from mississippi had never heard it. she says that the mississippi education system is so bad that many people fail their literacy test and can’t graduate high school. eeps!
so, in case any of my readers don’t know, nonpareil means: Having no equal; unrivalled, incomparable, peerless, unique, and in later uses it can some times be a postmodifier. nonpareil can also be used as a noun.

OED confirms my suspicious that there used to be a word “pareil.” Pareil as an adj means equal, but its the noun form that’s really interesting. As a noun, pareil could either mean “equality” or “an equal, companion, or match.” the former definition is quite rare, while the latter is very interesting. a proper companion is one that is equal.

maybe words you already know are worth exploring more.