jerry brown redux

January 19, 2007

could jerry brown be the mysterious commenter known as “jerry brown“? although in all likelihood the answer is “no,” there is some good circumstantial evidence to suggest that mr. brown is in fact mr. brown.

1) the entirety of mr. brown’s comment is an emendation to mandrake’s jerry brown c.v. resume. jerry brown seems to want everyone to know that jerry brown was mayor of oakland and that jerry brown is now the attorney general for california. is this the type of un-self-aggrandizement that regularly occurs on blog comments? alas, no. people are more likely to comment about cute rabbits, and other miscellany then they are likely to defend politicians records. (See the case of designedlateral’s epic post, “Harry Reid and the Hardy Boys Combine to make Captain Planet” and the bizarre comments people leave about spoonball. ) besides, people usually only stick up for their own inadequacies and not others.

2) wordpress did not send me an email about the comment. this is perhaps the most damning piece of evidence. why didn’t i get an email? i always get emails from wordpress when people comment. the only explanation for this lacuna is executive privilege. as an elected official, wordpress allows brown to leave comments without fear that the blog admin will know their email. this is why joe biden can not be killed by conventional weapons. sneaky bastards.

3) three people googled jerry brown and arrived at yesterday’s salad. just jerry brown. not “jerry brown AND zany presidential candidate,” or “jerry brown brandy taylor,” but jerry brown. we’re not even in the first 100 hits for jerry brown. who goes beyond the first 50 hits, yet alone the first 100? you only do that when you’re looking for yourself.

but why would mr. brown feel the need to comment, you ask? doesn’t his legislative record speak for itself?

friends, i believe that mr. brown’s commenting behaviour is the first sign that he is preparing to run for president again. he wants it known that he is still viable, that he’s still with it and hip. he wants it known that he deserves a column explaining why he won’t be president, and not simply a retrospective about the foibles of his fallen dreams.

we at the salad salute such ridiculous behaviour, and encourage all our readers to run for public office. i only hope jerry brown picks JT as his running mate.

One Response to “jerry brown redux”

  1. madmouser Says:

    Is this the Jerry Brown/Linda Ronstadt…Jerry likes girl scouts!

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