Anne Hathaway, supercriminal?

January 21, 2007

Far and away the most intriguing search engine term to ever lead someone to Yesterday’s Salad is “Anne Hathaway Extradition.” What does this mean? Has our beloved Anne Hathaway, a fixture of the pre-hiatus Yesterday’s Salad, actually joined 16th street? Why didn’t Ted Kennedy and John McCain talk about this on “Meet the Press” this morning? (Another sign, it would seem, that John McCain is out of touch with America’s real moral values and unlikely to win the presidency) And, if our beloved Princess of Genovia has truly run afoul of the law, where the hell has she done it? Why is she being extradited?

Inspired by the fact that the CW is finally streaming Veronica Mars (girl power!), I decided to do some internet sleuthing and get to the bottom of this. Alas, the top google search result for “Anne Hathaway Extradition” is the quite un-helpful Yesterday’s Salad. For shame, sir, for shame.

I can tell at first glance that none of the other google returns are going to be helpful. Technorati provides some clues. bethestage42’s livejournal page has the choice tidbit that Anne is in Vancouver:

“So my bro works in Vancouver as a PA on sets. He’s currently working on the new Anne Hathaway movie. Whom I think is adorable. So here’s our text message convo from tonight….
Him: “stop spending time on my hair…the acne comes first” – anne hathaway to hair and makeup
Me: Haha I love her get me an autograph
Him: Dunno if i can do that…
Me: Just tell her im retarded or terminally ill or something celebs love that.
Him: I was thinkin that. She’s such a dork tho…just like her movies

Text messages, blogs! Lo, the levels of communication scream for a Bakhtinian analysis, or deconstruction! Though I sincerely doubt our lowly PA has really had much contact with Ms. Hathaway, he certainly seems like a reliable source of her geographic location.

but then the trail runs dry. it appears that Anne is quite the devious criminal…

…unlike these fine gentlemen in Chicago who mugged the son of a Chicago Police Superintendent. Not only that, the son is a member of a federal drug trafficking task force, and the government wanted to make sure no sensitive information got out on the black market. of course the CPD assigned about 30 detectives to the squad and they caught the muggers whom the CPD is now trying to charge with countless other muggings. looks like they’re about to close the book on all unsolved petty theft in the city. Maybe the detectives will finally glean some information that will lead them to my TWO stolen bike seats.

So in honour of princess Anne and some idiot Chicago crooks, today’s word is mug-v. The OED records 7 (!) different “mug” verbs:

1. english local: to drizzle

2. english slang: a (now rare) to get drunk; b. To bribe with alcoholic drink; to supply with alcoholic drink; to buy a drink for (a person). Also refl.: to get drunk. [how good is this definition? note the liquid connection to the first definition]

3. english regional slang: (rare) to pout, mope. i guess maybe because someone rained on their parade?

4. a. trans: (boxing slang) To strike (a person) in the face. b. colloq. To attack and rob (a person), esp. in a public place. the connection between these forms is clear, although the connection to our other definitions is tenuous at best

5. slang. To read or study in a concentrated manner.

6. british regional slang. to crowd, to huddle together

7. canadian and nautical slang. to mug up: to make a plentiful meal.

i managed to connect the first few, but the rest are beyond my stretching of the imagination.

urbandictionary doesn’t have many verb forms. the one i did find was “an uncontrollable kiss on the dance floor.” sure, why not? as far as i’m concerned, mug has no referent. there is no transcendental signified, there are no binaries, and mug is caught in the formless flow that is language.

2 Responses to “Anne Hathaway, supercriminal?”

  1. codyhess Says:

    I’ve also heard mugging as slang for making out, which is slang for kissing a bunch.

  2. Its like you learn my mind! You seem to understand so much approximately this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you just could do with some p.c. to pressure the message home a bit, however other than that, that is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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