Drink of the Day: Creole Scream

January 23, 2007

Though unlike Mr. Butwithawhimper I am not a board certified, Julliard trained  mixologist, I have been known to dabble in the black arts from time to time and make a tasty beverage. While most of our beverages are of literary origin, today’s beverage comes to us from the brilliant 1971 series, “The Persuaders!” starring Roger Moore and and Tony Curtis (nee Bernard Schwartz).


Curtis and Moore play millionaire playboys (one a self made new yorker, the other titled British nobility) with nothing to do other than womanize. Thankfully, a retired judge brings them together to solve crimes. Things aren’t always smooth for the two. They get off to a very rough start, fighting over the proper way to mix a Creole Scream.

4 cl White Rum

2 cl Dry Vermouth

1 Dash Angustora Bitters

1 cl Grenadine Syrup

1 Green Olive*

This is the version of the drinking, cited, and dueled for, by Mr. Moore’s character. Mr. Curtis insists that the proper way to make a Creole Scream is with 2 olives. The two thankfully agree to disagree and become good friends–the dapper duo.

One Response to “Drink of the Day: Creole Scream”

  1. Legendre Thirst Says:

    Brett Sinclair doesn’t specify sweet or dry vermouth. It is, surprisingly, better with sweet vermouth. Punt e Mes, if you can find it. With only one olive. Cheers.

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