Presidential Long Shot Hall of Shame: John Kerry

January 24, 2007


John Kerry, like the freedom-hating talibanista that he is, has opted not to run for president in 2008. For shame, Senator Kerry. Your 2008 run was poised on the edge of delusional greatness; an exercise in calculated insanity. It’s not too often that we get to see a well-financed, high name recognition candidate that is universally reviled (although John McCain is sure making a run for it). When your electoral plan is to replicate Adlai Stevenson’s career, you know you’ve got a winner. Kerry 2008 would have made history, flipping and flopping its awkward path into our hearts. More importantly, though, it almost certainly would have be permanently enshrined in the esteemed Presidential Long Shot Hall of Fame.

Instead, I hereby award Kerry the Brien Taylor Medal of Disgrace for Lifetime Unachievment.

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