Yesterday’s Salad: the FAQ

January 25, 2007

Question 1: This Website just used to be about your boring life. What happened?

1. At the end of the summer, with Mandrake flying back to California, and a depressing year of graduate school on the horizon, my zany adventures (i.e. the late night trip to Iowa for Apple Pie, my early-morn jaunt to boston via milwaukee and detroit, and the as-yet-unblogged epic day long trip traversing the entire CTA ) came to a close, and my life become unreadable. Then, over the course of my graduate studies, I realized that, though my french, yiddish, hebrew, and german were wanting, my english vocabulary knew no bounds. After being the toast of the after-lecture cocktail circuit, I decided to do the world a favour and spread the wealth. Thus the Word of the Day was born (and shall properly return tonight).

Question 2: That really doesn’t answer the first question.

2. I knew that most people wouldn’t want to read a blog solely devoted to words, so I enlisted the help of some of the finest humorists known to…myself. Thankfully, some of the unfunnier ones agreed, and my star hasn’t lost too much of its luster.

Question 3: Your features seem randomly selected. Does your editorial board have anything resembling a policy?

3. The editorial policy of Yesterday’s Salad is verisimilitude.  If it is true, and matches American society, it belongs on Yesterday’s Salad. That being said, I’m hoping to convince a more computer adept blogger to help me with formatting/find a better way to display the information. That way, people looking for short fiction can find short fiction, and people looking for Joe Biden can have their love requited.

Question 4: Can I suggest features, or submit guest commentary?

4. By all means, yes (for the first one; only preferred commenters, like annie and JT, may submit guest entries at this point). email: yesterdayssalad [at]  (not the actual formatting, obviously). We love to hear from our readers–especially if they’re famous or really attractive.

Question 5: Where are the nude pics of Brandy?

5. Ask Jeeves politely and he’ll tell you.

3 Responses to “Yesterday’s Salad: the FAQ”

  1. JT Says:

    dear DS: thank you for the mention in the above post. it warms my heart to know someone in the vast, dark reaches of cyberspace finds joy in my reveries. let it be said that these “guest” comments are quite cathartic. think along the lines of Ed Norton in Fight Club but lacking the Ikea fetish. Also, my apologies to mr. lpmandrake (should he red this) if he has taken my previous posts as an affront to his sense humor. we all know that the Democratic majority is nothing more than the ‘calm before the storm.’ in the words of Mr. IL–aka the Czech thunder–‘its all in good fun.’ Here’s a clue though: I enjoy vodka tonics. xo. JT.

  2. JT Says:

    also, my apologies for writing “red” instead of “read”.

  3. JT Says:

    man, rappaz need spellcheckaz. two typos in one line ain’t cool.

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