Who Should Write Superman? Pt. 2

January 26, 2007

superman1.jpgIn our new ongoing series, Dr. Hammerskjold and myself will be switching off every Friday with our dream picks to write a Superman story. While the picks may seem outlandish and implausible, they are people who we feel could have something to say about the Superman mythology. The idea is that these are creators who could write self-contained story arcs that would likely be outside of continuity (see: All-Star Superman).

And now for today’s pick: Aaron Sorkin

At first glance, Sorkin, the scribe of West Wing, Sports Night, and Studio 60, fame might appear an odd choice. A trap that many Superman writers fall into, however, is to focus too much on the superheroics and not enough on the characters. When Superman is interesting, is when Clark Kent and the supporting cast are not just important to the story, but well written. Superman thrives on the Clark-Lois-Superman romantic triangle This is where Sorkin can really excel. If you need romantic tension, Sorkin is your man.

Hopefully he would also give Jimmy Olsen the Charlie Young treatment and make him a more three dimensional character. Same for Perry White (just think Leo McGarry). His Lois might end up as too insecure (Dana Whitaker, anyone?), but she’s been played a little cheeky so that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Other than that, the only real drawbacks would be that we’d see a lot more inappropriate references to kings of Liechtenstein and mildly obscure authors. Sorkin might also write so much dialogue that we’d never get to see the art (as provided by the excellent Cameron Stewart).

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