2008 Watch: Barack Obama Update

January 27, 2007

bobbyrush.jpgThis past week, I outlined why Barack Obama will not be president. Obama’s path the White House has cleared up a little, however, as Bobby Rush has shocked the political world by dropping out of the presidential running. Instead, Representative Rush will endorse his one-time rival.

So what’s happened? Just last week, Hillary’s camp had convinced Rush to enter the race to take Obama out. Now, just a few days later, Rush has changed his mind. Needless to say, this is terrible news for the Clinton campaign. Not only will they actually have to run against Obama now, but this is a sure sign of weakness. There’s blood in the water now.

2 Responses to “2008 Watch: Barack Obama Update”

  1. codyhess Says:

    Does Obama have a public position on data policy, common carriers laws, DMCA, telecommunications acts, etc?

  2. anuka david chika Says:

    i am proud of Obama’s tenacity and courage,he can turn around and then eventually revive the American Dream that is been scattered by the Bush administration so that America can return to to indeed become once again the land of milk and honey,i pray the American voter’s take the bull by the horn and vote en mass for a true and transparent change in America,I am Nigeria and school and live in Lagos,though someday i pray that i come to the U.S and get an advanced education that i have always envisaged for all of my life.So that i can come back home someday in the nearest future and impact immensely into the life of my people here in Nigeria,God Bless America and Nigeria Amen.

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