In light of the comments left by JT, I decided to bump up this week’s “Who Should Write Superman?”, and profile a woman I feel could have a terrific run with the Man of Tomorrow: Jhumpa Lahiri. 08-19-jhumpa-inside.jpgIn my first post, extolling the virtues of Thomas Pynchon’s madcap, conspiracy afflicted Superman, I explained that, in my mind, the ideal Superman was monumental and larger than life. Superman needs to be trapped by an array of implausible, earth threatening forces. He should be forced to interact with some of the more bizarre DC characters like the Phantom Stranger and Adam Strange, characters whose appearances signal the fact that forces are now outside the man of steel’s control. Death for all needs to be on the horizon.


But there’s also a different type of Superman story: the value filled emotional struggle. Jhumpa Lahiri seems to me the perfect author for that type of tale. Read the rest of this entry »

biden-plan.jpgWe already know that Joe Biden will not be president, but that sure isn’t stopping him from running. In fact, he is so serious about running that he is declaring his candidacy for at least the fourth time on Wednesday. While he hasn’t explicitly said he’s “in to win” (nor repeated that fact constantly), surely he has some plan for victory. So how exactly is Biden’s madcap campaign going to get him over the top?

Biden’s run can be generously termed a long shot. He will need to show he can raise money early on in order to be taken seriously by next year. Kerry’s exit from the race should help with that as Biden can now better capitalize on his Boston donors, but his senate fund only has a few million. As a result, Biden will lag behind the top tier in available money. This immediately dumps him in with the peasants at the bottom of the field; fighting for scraps of attention. If Biden wants to become president, he will have to find some way to distinguish himself from the pack and remain viable through the early primaries. This means that he will have to win one of the first four states: Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, or South Carolina. If Biden cannot manage a victory in any of those states, he will quickly be written off, leaving his campaign penniless.

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