BiteMyEyes Said He Didn’t Read My Book Review…

February 3, 2007

…because it didn’t seem like it was written in English.

Please comment.

2 Responses to “BiteMyEyes Said He Didn’t Read My Book Review…”

  1. JT Says:

    A friend of mine–who shall remain nameless–fears he will become fat in graduate school.

    Another nameless friend enjoys eating cucumbers while sitting on the john.

  2. notwithabangbutawhimper Says:

    1. (to the previous comment) Umm… right.
    2. (to the post) I think that a few punctuation marks in your review may have been misplaced, giving your prose the same interrupting style as Gaddis’. Also, I’m not sure why the book could “earn the scorn of students for years to come,” if only because your review did not mention why they will be reading it. Has it been selected as part of the codythedestroyer School of Hard Knocks’ core curriculum?

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