lil’ ronnie vs. common and kanye: can i get a vegas line?

February 3, 2007

Some of you may have noticed a lacuna in my divination vis-a-vis the Colts demise last week: the hip-hop boast. while I railed against the inglorious nickname “naptown,” i failed to mention that the only reason I know about said moniker is last year’s legendary Colts boast, “Superbowl Bound,” performed by that pre-teen hellion Lil’ Ronnie.

Seeing as the Colts did not actually go on to win last year’s Superbowl, folks on the internets (correct Yiddish) turned against Lil’ Ronnieronniesample.jpg, calling him a jinx, a swindler, a benedict arnold, a subaltern, and a Lil’ Subversive. Innocence was lost, and Lil’ Ronnie disappeared into the ether.

Or so it seemed until our hero returned! Armed with a new black Colts Jersey, Lil’ Ronnie quietly dropped a 2007 remix of “Suprebowl Bound” on his label’s myspace page (stream here).

Not to be outdone, some intrepid, yet obscure Chicago rappers decided to release their own Superbowl song. Southsider, Franz Ferdinand fan, and up-coming star of a situation comedy, Kayne West enlisted the help of his friend Common to record his own musical proclamation of Superbowl victory.

kanye and common “southside superbowl” (yousendit link)

Kayne’s jocular pretensions are nothing new to the city of wind. the Superbowl hip-hop boast was invented by the Bears (the Packers having long-ago recorded the country smash, “Wanna Win the Superbowl (But it’s the Lord’s Day)” ), who, in a tremendous act of imperial hubris, recorded the dance-smash “Superbowl Shuffle.” They also followed that up with victory, something that, alas, neither Lil’ Ronnie nor Kanye/Common will be able to do.

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