the Brandy Taylor run is over.

February 4, 2007

It had to happen. After being #1 on google searches for “Brandy Taylor,” (a fortuitous variant of the official “Brandy Taylore”) and thriving on the search habits of “Busty Babe”-enthusiasts (whose numbers are admittedly quite small), Yesterday’s Salad has fallen to #51, and thus hard times in the search racket. It was really quite a scam that we were number one, anyway. We here at Yesterday’s Salad only got to the top of the charts because of our quest for truth, because of our desire to discover why Ms. Taylor was not on wikipedia despite the fact that most 3rd-nay-10th rate celebrities (and people from my literary theory classes–who it would seem as also has run afoul of the law) are on said website.

Since that post (oh the Brandy Taylor internet traffic), Yesterday’s Salad researchers have actually figured out why the Brandy-related gap in wikipedia’s otherwise unsuspect repository. For whatever reason, Brandy’s page kept being deleted, undeleted, and deleted again (the best reason for deletion was this one: deleted “Brandy Taylor(content was: ‘{{nonsense}}She GOT BIG ASS BOOBIES!’), and now it’s locked by the administrators to prevent changes. If you fool around with wikipedia discussion pages long enough you can actually find substantive information from old articles about her (i.e. she lives in Ohio, and flies to California to film a couple of weeks a year). Or you can just take my word for it.

We wish the new number one result,, love and success as they embark on their epic journey towards satisfying the desires of the world’s male population.

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