The Day of Long Posts

February 4, 2007

For whatever reason (declining BT traffic, nothing on TV except the Superbowl, smack), today’s been a particularly productive day here at the Salad, and I decided to close the day out (Eastern Time Edition) with some words (and a link).

I’ll start with the link. The BBC made a flash based global warming game that I can’t seem to stop playing. It’s simple, yet addictive. You play the head of Europe, and pass policies/negotiate with world leaders to lower carbon emissions. In the end, you’re scored on three categories: Environmentalism, Wealth, and Popularity. It’s really easy to score well on the first and third, but succeeding at all three seems impossible. I had general taxes at George Bush type levels and I still ruined Europe’s economy [new strategy: since the game is from a European perspective, I need to raise taxes through the rood in order to have the economy do well]. I did manage to boost entitlement spending though–and save the world from climate change. Not bad for someone who brought about the second great depression (albeit one with Fusion and Fuel-Cell cars).

Now for some words. Today’s word installment is really more of a love letter to Woody Allen. In his movie Anything Else, Allen’s character Dobell is a treasure trove of great words. I’ve assembled some of them here as a public service, thus sparing y’all from having to go out and see the movie.

1. hebetudinous: Inclined to hebetude; dull, obtuse. There’s also the really cool rare verb, “hebetize,” to make dull.

2. amphigory: A burlesque writing filled with nonsense; a composition without sense, as a Latin ‘nonsense-verse.’

3. veridical: Speaking, telling, or relating the truth; truthful, veracious. There’s also the special psychological definition, “Of hallucinations, phantasms, etc.: Coincident with, corresponding to, or representing real events or persons.”

if only American Wedding had such lexical virtuosity

One Response to “The Day of Long Posts”

  1. That games clear anti-space and fusion power agenda makes me sick. I understand that Europeans hate progress, but that is pretty ridiculous.

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