2008 Watch: Fairy Mayor Prances Way Into Race

February 5, 2007

rudygiuliani2.jpgTo the delight of political humorists everywhere, possible Republican and known fascist Rudy Giuliani is joining the fray today. Due to his sordid and decidedly amoral background, Giuliani’s candidacy is the stuff of dreams for opposition researchers everywhere. For us on the sidelines, though, we will get to witness the modern spectacle of utter public humiliation; the politics of personal destruction at its finest. Talking heads will ask: is America ready for the Dandy Presidency? Religious fundies will scream about Satanism while liberals will moan about all the homeless people he and his brownshirts clubbed to death like so many baby seals. This will be the sort of historic moment you would tell your grandkids about, except that it will likely be far too raunchy for their sensitive young minds (and you’re far too good of a grandparent).

The only thing that is going to top Giuliani’s foppish escapades will be when Bill Clinton’s latest affair is finally uncovered.

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