Happenings in the square (or, one man’s chipotle is another man’s CHIPOTLE)

February 14, 2007

Formerly sleepy, now hip Davis Square, is threatening to become the Burrito capital of the world, or at least Somerville, MA. When I moved up to Davis Square, confused as to my status as gentrifier (I certainly have the education, but sadly my graduate stipend does not give me the necessary dough…), I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to eat at any of the nice hipstery

[warning: WOTD digression follows. Feel free to skip to the next paragraph. ‘hipster’ enters the lexicon in 1941. 1941 J. SMILEY Hash House Lingo 31 Hipster, a know-it-all. The word most likely derives from “hepster” which is a variant of “hep-cat” dating from 1938. Though there would appear to be a manifest connection between “hip” and “hep,” the OED lists “hep” as having an unknown linguistic origin. Nonetheless, it first enters the English language in 1908, and means “wise or up-to-date.” There is also “hepped” ppl. a, which I’ve never seen, but then again I wasn’t born in the glory days of Jazz. Oh, and care of Urbandictionary, here is some great Dash Hammerskjold comeuppance. The third definition of hipster:

You, for reading ironic, pseudo-intellectual dictionary entries on the word “hipster”.

These dictionary entries on hipsters are so comical! I’m going to email this link to 800 of my closest acquaintances, head to Value Village, grab a chai and then play kickball in a headband and short-shorts. ]

cafes or the cheap Burrito place. I of course chose that latter. Anna’s Taqueria has served me decently, offering up splendid morsels of mexican food at reasonable prices. Still, it’s uninspiring. So I was excited to learn that a Boloco Burrito was opening up a little further down Elm–not because of the food, as it is the Yesterday’s Salad of Burrito places (pretentious, though not without its peculiar charms), but because competition is the basis of all successful economies. But I was really excited to read that Chipotle was coming to my neighborhood, literally across the square from my house. I doubt I’ll ever go to one of the other Burrito places after Chipotle opens.

The best part of this whole thing is the way I discovered that Chipotle was coming to Davis. Chipotle is so exotic in these parts that in reporting the story the Tufts Daily Newspaper wrote, “and a new Mexican restaurant called Chipotle will open in the place that previously housed Halloween Scream.” Not, “a new Chipotle,” but a declarative statement; after all, this will only be the second Chipotle in the Massachusetts Bay area.

I don’t know how any city can claim to be the hub of the universe when they don’t even have a Chipotle.

2 Responses to “Happenings in the square (or, one man’s chipotle is another man’s CHIPOTLE)”

  1. But where can you get a burrito the size of your head (up to 7 3/4)?

  2. […] first, lest we make the same mistake twice, please allow us to wish you both a happy Davis Square Chipotle day and, for a less provincial holiday, a happy National Evaluate Your Life Day (copyright Wellcat […]

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