Today’s installment of the amazingly popular (nay legend-wait for it-ary) series “Who Should Write Superman?” finally leads me to the person I suggested to Mandrake over the summer, our Ur-Superman author if you will. He’s the type of author that will make Superman comics light and fun again, while providing the much-needed jolt of public attention to the comics, the media scrutiny that hasn’t been seen since DC bizarrely decided to change Superman’s powers into a weird electric type thing, then never explained the whole ordeal. But unlike that poorly considered escapade, this author’s Superman is likely to bring about a sense of renewed vigor and vitality, and silver-agey hi-jink’s. Today’s choice is none other than Jerry Seinfeld.

Reason 1: Jerry Seinfeld and Superman are buddies.


Unlike the other candidates mentioned on this list, Jerry actually knows Superman. The two go to see Broadway shows together, set up each others DVD players, and went on a road-trip together, travelling through Wyoming. They even take turns helping Lois out of jams.

This friendship give Jerry the type of intimate knowledge of Superman really needed to make the comics great again. Read the rest of this entry »