Ideas for season 6 of the Wire

February 19, 2007

According to David Simon, potential Superman writer extraordinaire, season 5 of “The Wire” (Sur écoute) will be the last season of this brilliant show. Mon Dieu! Reportedly, the show is ending because none of the writers could come up with an idea large enough for a whole season (for those who don’t know, each season of “the Wire” is about a different societal ill: 1 is about the failure of the Drug war, 2 is about the deindustrialization of the American working class ala Tommy Boy, 3 is about the effect of local politicians on effecting social change, 4 is about the failure of American public schools/education, and the upcoming season 5 is reported to be about the media). One of the writers suggested that season 6 could focus on the influx of Hispanics to Baltimore, however Simon nixed that idea because none of the writers spoke Spanish or knew enough about the Hispanic community in Baltimore. In order to really do the show right, Simon reasons they would need to take a full year off in order to do research. In other words, it won’t happen.

Not wanting to see our favorite show disappear, we here at Yesterday’s Salad have decided to suggest some ideas of our own for season 6, ideas that will surely keep “The Wire” on the air.

Public Transportation. The pitch: No public works project better exemplifies the broken dreams of Baltimore than it’s rail system. Conceived of as a shining piece of infrastructure, a shimmering paean to the New Society like its Washington brethren, the Baltimore Metro is a one-hop ride to downtown B-more and back. Only one of the proposed lines (map below) was completed, and a companion light rail system was not


only ineffectual, it wasn’t even linked to the Metro. But in many ways, the B-more subways still serves its goal: the line still links the city and the County. It can still serve as a bridge between the two worlds; it can still offer hope of mobility, or it can bring crime to the suburbs and bring about new conflicts. Following the short line into the suburbs, would give Simon and Co. new way of looking at the show’s conflicts. Besides, I’m sure the writers could come up with a season’s worth of material on how useless the line is, how little good it actually does–but how much good it could do with a little renewal. Support the Green Line!

Snitching: If there’s one theme that’s been carried through the entire series, it’s witness protection. Simon’s Baltimore’s always losing witnesses, a fact that’s played an important roll in city politics as well as the formation of the major crimes unit. It occurs to me that there is far more left to be told. The Pitch: Inspired by a Carmelo Anthony-type’s presence in a Stop Snitchin’ type video, no-one on the street’s of Baltimore’s talking about nothing, least of all the new drug cartel somehow involved with the Baltimore Chassidic community. And no-one in the Chassidic community’s talking either, given their disinclination towards lashon hara and the fact that many won’t testify against other Jews in a civil court (or, at least that’s what a gesheft tells me). How will the Major Case Unit make their case? This storyline could also serve as a springboard for Maurice Levy, providing a great way of exploring what could be one of the show’s most interesting characters. Levy, the drug lawyer, is in my opinion the show’s biggest villain; he knows full well what his clients have done, even potentially abets. HE knows the ins and outs of our country’s justice system yet has no concept of justice. Right now, he’s a relatively one-dimensional character, however both the actor and the character have the potential for much more.

The ‘Jump the Shark’ Season: There comes a point in every show’s run where it declines. Whether actors are replaced (Three’s Company), new characters are suddenly introduced (Oliver on The Brady Bunch, or Chrissy on Growing Pains), or people get married (Lois and Clark on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), television creators do crazy things and ruin shows. The Pitch: Throw everything out the window. Have half the cast from “Homicide” suddenly be on the show and have Kyle Maclachlan show up looking for Laura Palmer’s killer; have past seasons be dreams; have the entire season exist within the mind of one of the show’s characters, or better yet, the mind of a different show’s character (St. Elsewhere, another show frequently mentioned as being the “best show ever.” See here and here for interpretations/implications of the series end); have a musical episode; turn the show into a comedy; or do whatever your heart desires with any character. My bet: the show’s writing staff and actors are so good, “The Wire” will still be the best thing on TV.

I hope one of these ideas meets with Mr. Simon’s approval. If not, we’ll keep suggesting them.

15 Responses to “Ideas for season 6 of the Wire”

  1. Crossoverman Says:

    “The Wire” is already part of the Tommy Westphall universe, via a connection to “Homicide” – which was connected directly to “St Elsewhere”. It’s a small world.

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  3. Duane A. Grimes Says:

    Season 6. . . “THE CHURCH” The Church is such a huge part of the conflict between right and wrong. Omar went to church with his grand mother, stringer bell set up shop in a funeral home,and even local ministers influenced the elction for the current mayor. Religion or a lack of it heavily influences the problem of drugs; dealers and addicts. Also more behind bars scenes; detailing how drugs flows in and out of jails to the street. One more thing, the person shot wasn’t Omar; it was his twin.

    Season 7. . . a combination of season 1 and three; only with a more in dept and broader look at how drugs get into this country and how the DEA and this government handling of it help shape inner-city demographics perceptions of racialy bias government.

  4. hugh clancy Says:

    they could make a series looking at prison life and its connections and influences on the drugs game. they could tie in the hispanics with that. maybe even bloods and crips. from the other side, they could look at the role of private investigators, lawyers as well as the police. it could look at namond brices new life and life for randy in the group homes.

  5. hugh clancy Says:

    or else season 6 could even go back in time and look at avon barksdales rise to power. this way we could bring back characters like stringer bell and wee could follow prop joes rise as well as omar. mc nulty could be back in the western.

    either that or the series moves location and follows the game in new york, atlanta/st louis or LA. it could deal with racism if it went to LA. the effects of terrorism in new york and the emergance of the rap game in the south.

    If the writers cant think of a new story line its because they are not thinking hard enough.

  6. Brett Murray Says:

    We’re only halfway through seaon 4 in the UK so I might be missing something out and don’t really have any ideas how to segway it to the more recent seasons, but here goes.

    1) Focus on how drugs get into/around the country in the first place. Maybe you could focus on players in the drug game that are higher up having trouble with getting product (although this is similar to other plots) into/around the country and trying to reestablish things more like ‘the old days’.

    2) I heard of a cd related to The Wire through sampling Baltimore artists. Could a new season relate to this somehow? Perhaps the season could start as usual, drug wars still going on underground, but focus on young artists trying to break out of the ghetto community and make something of themselves. I’m thinking they could be beyond the ages of the kids in season 4, (or perhaps them but older) and be sort of present in the urban society but not involved in it.

    3) Families have been a slightly present theme throughout the show, but I think that focusing on one or several families struggling through life in Baltimore, maybe in several different districts of the city, but all related to the drug trade. Like, a Business man in the nice part of town is arrested under suspicions of drug trade. A mother in the really bad part of town is shot in cross-fire, and her children have to live with there father, who is involved in the drug trade. Also, another familiy could have a mom in the media and a dad in police, and they split up after conflict. Some of these ideas have already been touched on and involved, though.

    3.5) Beyond families, it could just be about Morals. Yeah, a bit stupid-sounding, but I think that it would be interesting to meet a small group of new characters who would split over a moral conflict.

    4) Economy could be focused on, although i’m not exactly sure how. Maybe that the mayor reduces pay of the lower offices, but increases that of the higher ones, to show a change in the detail. Like, they could be working a case as always, but they start doing crappy work. I picture the high-payed Lieutenant saying something like “I know you’re upset about the mayor’s change in payment, but this shouldn’t stop us from doing good policing”.

    5.5) You could focus on the Baltimore police academy. It’s been mentioned with budget cuts back in season3 (I think) but you don’t learn much about it. Perhaps you could see how the academy’s budget cuts have affected the training that goes into new cops. A few of these inferior cops get assigned to the usual detail and they’re shoddy training would be evident. One innovative cop could sort of shine through and then become part of the detail or something.

    Can we get a really good version of the theme song this time around, because season 1 was great, the rest only okay. I mean, its a theme, it should be like the anthem of the show, right?

    Otherwise, I think this show is one of the best things on tv, I completely love the whole style of the show and would love anything for season 6.
    -Brett Murray-

  7. Ø.K. Says:

    Not really a theme, but what if the police learned more about the greeks and tried to set them up in some way?

  8. I think they should focus more on the kids that were introduced in Season 4 and show where they end up, trails and tribulations that they’ve already gone through and kinda bring a ending whether good or bad to each character, for instance it seemed that Dukie may have gotten on drugs at the end of Season 5, and it seemed Michale turned into the new Omar, we kinda want to know what’s next for some of these characters, is Dukie the next Bubbles? What happens to the kid who killed Omar? Is Chris Partlow smart enough to run things from behind bars after his DNA is found on the body from the Row Houses? Marlo seems to go back to the streets, does he take over completely, or is there a new comer who’s smart enough to get his piece of the pie. There’s so many ways they can go and also can introduce new characters. It’s like they left everything open to continue this story, end it off and begin a new one. If anything they can move to a different city and begin showing how it is in other “hoods” around the US. Let em tell the story of Chicago gangs, and the history of Cabrini Green or something. Usually you want to see a series like this end on top, but it’s obviously the best show to ever come and the fans are definitely not ready for it to end, so writers, put your brains a little harder, hey invite me, I’ll help write, co star or whatever, just keep The Wire going!!!!

  9. Emmanuel Wyatt Says:

    I Got Some Ideas and know how to have some more seasons of The Wire and what they can be about but i would like to talk to the writers of the show about it do anybody here know how i can do that if so please contact me at my email or I have enough ideas for at least a full season and more but i also have some peoples of mine with ideas and given the oppertunity we can come up with at least 4 more seasons I wana pitch our ideas to the writer and producers of the show so if anyone happens to read this and knows how to contact them please E-mail Me Imediately at my e-mail .

  10. Saro Lusty-Cavallari Says:

    I think the church would be a brilliant idea.

    Also having a look at the the health system and hospitals would be interesting. The messy aftermath of the gun fights coupled with the failing hospitals and its affect on the people. I can imagine Simon’s interpretation of medical drama would fit well into the wire’s canon even though im usually not one for hospital shows.

  11. Leonard Says:

    You should have the season continue from where Marlo is a free man going up against Michael Lee, the New Omar, battling. Then have some of Marlo’s crew free from jail, and then Michael kills Marlo. Something like that should go on. You shouldn’t let the show end with the enemy being free and the New Omar sitting out there.

  12. will Says:

    see i really want a series 6 but….maybe it should be left alone. it all comes so beautifully full circle at the end of 5. Showing how a lot of the characters are created in the new generation. ie new bubs, new stringer bell (marlo), new omar…i think more would ruin the arch of the five series…If they where going to do it…go after the greek

  13. Michael Tremarco Says:

    The greatest show ever to be made for T.V, and i for one feel there is so much more that can be explored. Jessup prison and its inmates. It was touched on a bit when avon barksdale set up the screw in season 3. now with Barksdale, wee-bay and chris partlow inside,and with marlo seemingly to be back on the corners with michael being the new omar they could explore the links and conflicts between the jail and the streets. Also with Valchek the new commisioner and carver becoming a Lt. there’s still lots to be had in the BPD. Although it wouldn’t be the same without mcnulty! Please just one more series! PLEASE!

  14. jason Says:

    i agree with what Severe Garcia’s idea about season 6. and if you need tpo make it more interesting briing in a new group of drug dealers from a different city bringing in a stronger or new drug that makes the greeks drugs seem like nothing. i would love to see if marlo steps up and shows why people should fear his name. what role does slim play not that prop joe is gone and the co-op has to put money together to keep the greek connection on the drugs? can mcknulty and lester deal with not being able to do any real police work anymore? hugh clancy had a good idea on showing the prison life for avon, wee bay, and chris. show if they form a truce and take over the jail as a tri powerhouse. there are so many angles you can take to keep this show going for a while. this is the best show i have seen on tv and to be honest 5 seasons would not do it justice we have to keep this one going

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