Yesterday’s presidents: the Green edition

February 19, 2007

When Mandrake and I tackled the issue of which past president should be leading America, we (certainly I)  looked at the question from the P.O.V. of ending/dealing with our involvement in Iraq and our forgotten mission in Afghanistan. Only Mandrake really picked a president on the basis of environmental policy, Jimmy Carter; I had one on my list, TR, but picked him because of his Military record. Thankfully, other folks are looking into the issue. Treehugger has a poll asking Americans who they believe was the best President for the environment. Mandrake and I each have picks on the list (Carter and TR respectively); they’re joined by Thomas Jefferson, LBJ, Nixon, Clinton, and Bush (a joke, I’m sure, but currently garnering 4% of the vote–probably a result of Diebold vote-switching equipment). I’d have to say that I’d cast my vote for TR, with Carter a close second. Roosevelt preserved countless swaths of this country when he founded the National Forest Service, and National Bird Center. Carter earns a bonus though for having to consider energy as a geopolitical issue, but keeping the American wilderness from robber-barons leads my to vote for Roosevelt. Clinton’s done good work with the CGI, but his record as president is less impressive.

Hopefully, president Gore will blow them all away.

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