More Daily Salad

February 20, 2007


Just a few quick notes tonight. Studio 60 aired it’s 16th episode of the season last night, and is now being pushed aside for a few weeks to see if The Black Donnellys (or, as I like to call it, the same exact show as Brotherhood) can improve on its mediocre ratings. Last night’s episode was pretty well done, but incredibly unoriginal. Danny had to look out for Jordan’s doll/practice baby (one of my favorite episodes of Saved By the Bell, btw), while Matt stewed about Harriet and continued to write the whole show by himself. The interaction between Perry and Whitford was good, but again there was too little. Really, the show’s biggest problem is that Sorkin is completely uninspired and too egomaniacal to allow anyone else to write an episode. He’s also tapped on sketch ideas; “Jason the Mason” doesn’t even cut it as a rejected sketch.

I want to thank JT for his excellent suggestion on how to get rid of Gremlins. I have found the BFG quite useful at solving the philosophical question that is Gremlin trans-continental flights. It also keeps me warm at night.
Anyone wondering why ibiteyoureyes and Cody are looking as svelte as they are, look no further than their Nintendo Wii. While I continue to slave away on my Sega Master System, they’re busy melting away the pounds, burning 40% more calories than something else. As soon as they make a Wii version of Wall Street Kid I’m leaving Harvard and moving to their loggia.


And lastly, in the greatest news ever department, the Atlantic City casinos are building an express train from AC to NYC that will make NO STOPS the entire way. I wonder how this new rail road will fit on the monopoly board. The real question is, when are the Vegas casinos going to start non-stop train service from New York?

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