Wussy Chicky Music

February 20, 2007

I was going to write about this a few weeks ago, but if I had, it may have been viewed as a pubic relations stunt devised for the purpose of defending my good feminist name. Anyway, a recent conversation with the girlfriend (who shall henceforth be known as shepicksyournose ((because she does)) (((honestly, she picks my nose, and not just in private))) ((((yes. it’s weird. but who can stop a woman, when she really wants to do something)))) (((((she’ll tackle, and she won’t stop tackling, unless I relent, and let her pick))))) )

That parenthese thing doesn’t work too well.

Anyway, shepicksyournose rekindled my desire to share some reflections on just this subject. The scene:

ibiteyoureyes plays a song on the ibiteyourItunes playlist that he made for shepicksyournose, because he thinks she’s the most special gal in the world. After only a few seconds…

I didn’t know you liked wussy chicky music.

Never did. I’ve just been listening to a lot of it lately.

You should listen to Joni Mitchell. She’s the reason this song exists. Well, not exactly, but basically.

The wussy chicky influences of Joni Mitchell non-withstanding, I thought I would share a playlist of some of the wussy chicky songs I’ve been listening to – while I am not rocking out to System of a Down or Tool and biting eyes – before then trying to discover – along with you, dear reader, if you’re still around by then – just what it is about wussy chicky music that has so entralled me of late.

The List

The Wussy Chicky Shuffle, Slutra and the Minxes – not a real song.

The Devil and I, Amy Correia – a weird song in that it manages to mix some very common lyrics with some pretty sharp and alluring imagery. Also, I’m decently sure that at least some parts of this song deal with sexual depravity – but that could just be my interpretation.

Because You Are a Woman, Brett Dennen – not actually sung by a woman, but it took several weeks and eight people to convince me of the fact, despite such song titles as the aforementioned and a picture of him on the album cover. Wussy Chicky fo sho.

Seven Angels on a Bicycle, Carrie Rodriguez – she calls me ‘her love,’ tells me to go get ‘what I want,’ ‘what I need,’ and that she’s ‘still with me.’ Seems like she’s approving adultery, but then later in the song it seems like she’s doing some adultering herself…or the song is so vague about these things that I can’t make sense out of it. Song also includes drunkenness and Sunday enchiladas…and seven angels on a bicycle.

People Look Around, Catie Curtis – upbeat and positive, critical and understanding, religious and political, all about Katrina. A much more complex song than Catie’s pretty, easy voice would at first lend you to believe.

Know Your Chicken, Cibo Matto – a joke, like the first item on this list, but unlike the first item on this list…a real song. Ridiculous and silly and awesome.
Toothbrush and My Table, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – country-ish song, relatively unexceptional we’re-done-I-want-all-my-stuff-back sorta song…but I like it, because in the list of stuff-back, she includes a tool box. Hot.

I Can’t Get Over You, Julie Roberts – definitely country, and she’s a looker, and she can’t get over me. Hot.

Joy, Lucinda Williams – I had to pick which Lucinda song to include by sorting all of the ones I have using the Play Count button on my ibiteyourItunes – because I really couldn’t pick. We’ll get back to this later, when we explore why I suddenly like wussy chicky music (technically, this song is NOT wussy chicky) but Lucinda’s got one of those voices that when listening to it I’m pretty sure I’d do anything she said without question. Kind of like shepicksyournose‘s voice, and I’m not only saying that because I’m now in trouble for admitting my Lucinda-lust. I should also point out that while LW has a new album out – she’s 54, and I’m not sure that I really would do anything she asked.

I’m All Right, Madeleine Peyroux – she’s French!

Falling Out of Love, Mary Gauthier – dark, ominous, with a nice ‘ooohhhh’ chorus that creeps in and out at intervals. Also, her name is pronounced Gowtch. I may just like this song so that I can say Gowtch. “This is my friend Mary. The Gowtch. She sings. Gowtch. Gowtch-Gowtch.”

A Place Called Home, PJ Harvey – I’m actually not sure why I listen to this one, maybe because I remember that PJ Harvey was on the Batman Forever soundtrack, which I really liked, not only because I just did, but because I had this on cassette, and you could take the album art out of the cassette, and somwhere after Val and Jim and Tommy was a smoking hot picture of Nicole Kidman. I’m pretty sure it was just a normal picture showing some leg, but I was eleven.

Fidelity, Regina Spektor – a potentially controversial addition to this list. I have heard from a certain source that Regina was the ‘in’ girl to like, or the ‘it’ girl of the moment…like last year. Or earlier. I don’t know. For this certain source, these facts are enough to discredit Ms. Spektor. Which is silly. I credit her. Three reasons.

  1. This song is catchy.
  2. Many of her other songs are kooky, and it’s not as easy as you think to pull off genuine kook.
  3. With that name, she’s got an automatic in for when they cast Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent!

Gracias a la vida, Violeta Parra – rocking the Chilean folk music. Beautiful song. Sad, real, in Spanish. What’s not to love?

Knockers, The Darkness – also sung by a man, however at many points during this song (and most of their others) it might as well be a woman singing. This song, as its title suggest, is about boobies. And they’re English.

All right, so that last one was a cheat. So are the other jokey ones. And many of the songs on the list are not wussy chicky, but just…chicky. And I left some out.

But I had fun!

So…onto the reasons why I suddenly listen to so much chicky music, wussy, jokey, or otherwise.

1. A woman who can wail, whether she is mildly, moderately or very attractive, is straight-up sexy. This is how Alanis Morissette gets quality ass.

2. A woman singing can do what a woman talking can do, only she’s singing. In this, I mean…she can get in your head, in your manly head…and she can do things to it. This is both a good and a bad thing. Combined with number one, this reason can kill.

3. Album covers. The potential for boobie. (Limited to the Julie Roberts types).

8 Responses to “Wussy Chicky Music”

  1. pop pop Says:

    i told you about Lucinda 4 years ago, it took you this long to come around?

    nosepick is a looker. give her a photo column.

  2. codyhess Says:

    This post strikes a blow for gender equality on YS. I congratulate you, Sir.

  3. dailysalad Says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to sa that this post “strikes a blow” for gender equality, although, given how far afield ibiteyoureyes has been in the past, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

    sigh…we really need a saladette.

  4. But I think if I had to sum up the Salad, it would be the phrase “strikes a blow for.”

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