To supplement your diet: hash browns and toast

February 24, 2007

Over lo these many moons, Yesterday’s Salad has inspired a number of imitators (most notably, the vile, yet successful, and The New Yorker). Many of these imitators have been completely unreadable. Yet out of the ashes of the failed Cake City blog comes hashbrownsandtoast, a spiritual partner to Yesterday’s Salad as it were. Though the discourse on their blog as at a lower strata of speech (somewhere Bakhtin is smiling), they do manage to entertain with their amphigories and malaproprisms. Stopsnitchin’s column on historical snitchery is of especially pleasant vintage (I’d provide a specific link, but there are only two real entries on their site), and I was happy to see his conclusions vis-a-vis a potential snitch in “Wire”dom.

Welcome to the information superhighway, hashbrownsandtoast.


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